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Need a “Lenda”? LendingTree’s New Campaign Champions Consumer Choice with a Celebrity Twist


“LendingTree takes the guesswork out of confusing financial decisions like getting a mortgage, insurance policy or personal loan, making it easy to win financially and save real money,” says Molly Shannon, comedian, actress and New York Times bestselling author. Shannon plays Linda, an outspoken, unpretentious, no-nonsense woman with good intentions and ample opinions. While Linda encourages friends and family to connect with LendingTree “lenda,” viewers can relate to this memorable and lovable new character. “Working with the LendingTree team to bring this character to life has been a fun experience, and even more rewarding, this information will help Americans discover more financial options are available than they may realize, and LendingTree makes it easy to find the best options that meet their needs.”

Shiv Singh, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, LendingTree, joined LendingTree at a later date January 2022, is leading the brand’s efforts to reconnect with consumers and rediscover LendingTree’s time- and money-saving services when Americans need it most. “At LendingTree, we realize that money isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable topic, but our mission is to change that narrative and help Americans feel more confident when making important financial decisions. With LendingTree’s re- The imagined customer experience, this campaign will reintroduce LendingTree as a leading brand dedicated to delivering economic wins for consumers.”

In partnership with award-winning creative agency Mekanism, which combines technology, design, culture and brand storytelling, the event will be LendingTree’s first return to long-form video and TV in more than three years, and will be available on and from linear TV. Cable starting today, July 11, 2022. LendingTree, one of the largest personal brand display and search advertisers in the country, will also update creative across all marketing channels to reflect the new campaign and new brand positioning.

“Our first collaboration with a LendingTree star Molly Shannon And use humor to demystify complex financial decisions for everyday Americans,” said Jason Harris, Co-founder and CEO of Mekanism. “The brand voice of this new campaign is more ambitious than what customers might expect to hear from this storied fintech company, but bringing the soul of the brand to life in this way will help LendingTree build with a new generation of consumers trust.”

Whether you’re looking for a “lenda” for a new home, car, business or personal loan, LendingTree is your first choice. loan tree. you win.

Click here to watch Linda find a home loan lender, or click here to see Linda’s advice on personal loans.

About the loan tree

LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE) is the largest and most experienced online marketplace in the U.S., designed to empower consumers and empower more people to win financially. Through its network of over 700 partners, LendingTree provides consumers with easy access to the best deals on home loans, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, business loans, home equity loans/lines of credit, auto loans, and more. Founded in 1996 and launched nationwide in 1998, LendingTree has helped more than 111 million customers access financing, save money, and improve their financial and credit health through transparency, education, and support throughout their financial journey.

LendingTree, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information visit www.lendingtree.com

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