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Natalia Tena – The Next Celebrity To Help the ‘I Follow Ukraine’ Campaign?


More and more celebrities are supporting the ongoing war in Ukraine. The country’s officials are forever grateful to the stars who have so far borrowed their names to increase charitable donations to Ukraine (think Ben Stiller, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn and Lev Schreiber).

The easiest way for celebrities to help Ukraine

An active supporter of humanitarian initiatives, Natalia Tena would be the perfect candidate for a new charity campaign co-developed with charity auction platform CharityStars to benefit President Zelensky’s fundraising platform UNITED24.

Almost as long as the concept of “celebrity” has existed, there have been people willing to trade money for time or have lunch with them.

But the idea of ​​celebrity charity auctions is relatively new, and Ukraine desperately needs celebrity endorsements to continue to shed light on their current predicament.

Admiring fans will happily pay big bucks to get “likes” or “follows” from their heroes while helping a good cause – if they know how to do it. This is the idea behind the “I Focus Ukraine” campaign.

Celebrity auction ‘following’ helps Ukraine

The idea is simple. Celebrities donate ‘follows’ on their social media for auction to support medical aid efforts in Ukraine.

Funds raised will be transferred to UNITED24’s “Medical Aid” direction to buy medicines, vital healthcare supplies and critical medical equipment such as anesthesia, surgery and X-ray machines.

We were inspired by Ricky Martin, who was so involved in helping Puerto Rico rebuild after the hurricane that he invited many of his celebrity friends to join his campaign. Our idea is based on Ricky Martin’s philanthropy, it’s pretty simple – celebrities donate their social media followers to an auction. Ideal scene?If this all spreads like the Ice Bucket Challenge, we’ll help our country with Medicaid funding. ” said Mr. Zakrevskyi, head of the “I Focus Ukraine” campaign.

CharityStars spokesperson Erika Visentin said:Crucially, the war doesn’t lose its importance in the media — it hasn’t stopped, it’s still going on. The Ukrainian people need our help, and celebrities can make a huge difference.

It’s easy for celebrities to sign up and indicate that they want to participate in the “I Follow Ukraine” event. CharityStars, dedicated to helping President Zelensky’s UNITED24 fundraising platform, will take care of the rest.

Erica Vicenti
Charity Star
[email protected]

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