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When he was working in Los Angeles, they called him Motown. When he finally returned to the Motown beat, they called him Hollywood because he never had a camera he didn’t like.

Now, they call him the Underdog.

James Craig, once championed by bigwigs in the state’s Republican Party, was seen as the front-runner and the best candidate to overthrow the incumbent Democratic governor, but James Craig is running for the Republican Party The gubernatorial candidate’s efforts are on life support, and not enough juice to keep ventilators working.

“I do think miracles do happen,” lamented the former top Detroit cop as he climbed what he called “uphill” to entice enough voters to nominate in his name.

Or, to put it another way, the five other Republican candidates have their names on the ballot, which is easier for voters to handle, even if many on Aug. 2 will choose “Tudor, Kevin, Ryan, Who are Philip and Garrett?”

If you’re running for office statewide, you don’t want to depend on people remembering your name, or how it’s spelled and how to vote. That’s because, unless they’re close relatives, it’s a big deal.

Of course, Craig was in trouble because he and another “front runner” Perry Johnson failed to run in Office 101 because he didn’t collect enough valid petition signatures to get them in front of voters name.

Never mind that the Chiefs thought someone wanted to “sabotage” his efforts because he was in the lead. Democrats who turned GOP hope the Democratic attorney general will find so-called spoilers, but the stakes in this town are that the Tigers are more likely to win the World Series.

However, the Chief believes he is still a fighter and, at the urging of those close to him, is doing his best to get the job done despite a cash crunch and a well-functioning political machine.

As for the field of Republican candidates looking to vote rather than sign, he sees them as few as a group and as individuals.

“No excitement,” the Chief reflected. The field “is lackluster. There’s nothing there.”


He did say that Kevin Link had “certain skills” and that Tudor Dixon was “nice (and) had some insight, she’s a mom of four, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify her as chief The executive leads the state.”

And he doesn’t think highly of Garrett Soldano or Ryan Kelley.

When asked if anyone in the quintet could beat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, he didn’t have a hem, he didn’t have a hawthorn, he didn’t dive for tall grass.

He just said, “No.”

He also told the “closed” group (WKAR.org) that he received a request from Link the other day to cry for his uncle and support his candidacy while writing a letter. Link got a direct response: “I’m not interested in speaking in the primary.”

After all, he points out, he admits to being a candidate who once topped the list, and now he’s trying to get to the bottom of the political bucket to keep his hopes alive.

That’s quite a turnaround for Mr. Motown, Mr. Hollywood, and now Mr. Loser.

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