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MLB reveals 2022 All-Star uniforms: ‘The Gold Sheen of Hollywood’


Nike and MLB mourned last year’s All-Star uniforms.

For the first time since 1933, players wore jerseys with the league name instead of the team’s name. The jersey features the team’s three-letter initials, a two-button Henley look and floral trim on each sleeve.

“I don’t know if I’m going to love it,” Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner said at last year’s game. “It’s something to be proud of to wear a Dodgers uniform at an All-Star game.”

On Monday, Nike and Major League Baseball unveiled (and released) the 2022 All-Star uniforms. The league jerseys are gone, and every player will wear a jersey with the team’s name on it.

But the players won’t be wearing their real team jerseys. The NFC jerseys are white and the AL jerseys are dark gray, but the team names will be depicted in gold.

On the back, the player’s name and number will also be depicted in gold.

“Club-specific chest graphics come from the golden sheen of Hollywood awards shows,” said a Nike announcement.

All-Star jerseys are provided by City Connect uniformed staff. Nike said the jersey was “inspired by the fame and fortune of the City of Angels”.

The All-Star Game will be held at Dodger Stadium on July 19.

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