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Michael Strahan Names His Favorite Recurring Celebrity Guests On ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid, Reveals The One Who Thinks They Can ‘Do Better’ Next Time


Celebrities and game shows go hand in hand.Dating all the way back to the old days match game, hollywood plaza and Steve Harvey’s hugely popular family feud (Which Make viral videos often Thanks to Crazy Answers), regular contestants rely on celebrities to win their cold hard cash.This has happened to ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid Over the years, with GMA co-host Michael Strahan has hosted the competition since 2016Since then, Strahan has rounded up a collection of recurring celebrity guest hosts who he genuinely loves seeing them return to the show to play together…and a celebrity guest so competitive they wish they had again. Opportunity to come back and do better.

match game and hollywood plaza Always take advantage of regulars, contestants like to play (or play against) with all the stars like late gilbert gottfried Or Charles Nelson Reilly.for $100,000 Pyramidhost Michael Strahan was delighted to see the same face return, and when he sat down with CinemaBlend to discuss the show’s summer return on ABC, the former NFL player told us:

Oh man, I think Jason Alexander — having Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight (from Seinfeld) on the court is special. I love Mario Canton. (He is) one of my favorites. He is such a good man. Rosie O’Donnell is an amazing player. We even — we have some new games that I think will come back and enjoy more because it’s one of those once you play it, once you’re kind of like, ‘It’s over? I want to do it again? I think Lindsey Vonn got this wrong because she felt she could do better.

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