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Michael Flatley Directorial Debut Blackbird Finally Set for Release – The Hollywood Reporter


A film that vanished immediately after its blockbuster world premiere has grown to almost mythical status, and finally – has been given a release date.

black birdfamed directorial debut dance king lead singer and river dance Legendary Michael Flatley is heading to cinemas in Ireland via Wildcard Distribution. The September 2 release date comes nearly four years after the film’s world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London on September 28, 2018, which premiered to keep reporters out and generate zero comments or viewers on Twitter. known for the reaction.

During its premiere, the film — a thriller directed, written, produced and financed by Flatley, who also stars in the same name black bird, a James Bond-esque secret agent in a suit abruptly retired from service and seeking solace as the owner of a glamorous nightclub in the Caribbean – has come under considerable fire in the British press. Most of the mockery was directed at a somewhat tone-deaf poster featuring a variety of glamorous, bikini-clad, unknown women, as well as older (and well-known) male stars, including Eric Roberts and Patrick Birkin.in an interview hollywood reporter Before the premiere, Flatley said he had nothing to do with the poster, and also hit back at any concerns that the film was a vanity project, claiming he had “several offers” from international distributors.

But after the premiere, everything quieted down and asked to watch black bird Repulsed or ignored, there were no updates or any further information on the release, not even from Flatley’s Instagram account, who had previously been excited to detail the development of his debut. Like the spy at the center of the story, black bird It quickly became a mystery.

Over the next few years, more and more loyal fans and those who just wanted to see what happened to a movie that suddenly disappeared would take to social media to ask for a release.Increase curiosity, surprise black bird Produced as an opening night film for the inaugural Monaco Streaming Film Festival in July 2021, Flatley won the Best Actor award and seems to claim that some “additional shots have been taken since its 2018 premiere” “. However, despite the festival’s name, its opening night movie – oddly enough – couldn’t be played.ask black birdThe public offering is only getting louder.

At least for those in Ireland, those requests were finally answered.

In a tweet on Thursday, Wildcard, one of Ireland’s most successful independent distributors, revealed that it would release black bird It opens in local cinemas on September 2. The company also released a trailer filled with glamorous beaches, sports cars, glamorous women, spies with pistols and blood-splattered white tuxedos, among the many reasons why the film has so many followers in the first place .

“Blackbird is dead,” Flatley says in the clip. Not anymore.

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