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Meghan Markle opens up about Deal or No Deal, daughter Lili and more in new podcast episode

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In the most recent episode of her podcast, the newly minted Duchess of Sussex discusses her struggle with low self-esteem, her ‘envy’ of Paris Hilton and more.

Due to the candid stories the Duchess of Sussex has shared on her podcast Archetypes, Meghan Markle has been dominating the headlines every week. She discusses not only her royal life with Prince Harry but also anecdotes about her childhood and early career. Paris Hilton and Iliza Shlesinger joined Markle for the latest episode.

In the latest installment of Meghan’s podcast, the Duchess discusses a whole new term that the Royal seems determined to challenge. Titled ‘Bimbo,’ the name refers to a woman deemed a distraction for no real reason and the label seems to still have some staying power as Meghan speaks about being subject to such labelling as she first began her career. Breaking down the term, Meghan reflected on her own story about being reduced to ‘nothing but a pretty face,’ before giving a roundup of what listeners can expect from this week’s episode.

Deal or No Deal stint of Meghan Markle
For anyone with two children below the age of four, Meghan said, getting the time to flip through channels on the TV is a “rarity.” In an interview with Inside Edition, the Duchess mentioned how her recent time watching television led her down memory lane to her briefcase girl days on Deal or No Deal. Although she was still auditioning, Meghan was thankful to have a job to pay the bills.

During the deal or no deal show
What did she say about her time on the show? She was grateful for the opportunity to appear, but wasn’t happy about how it made her feel, which was not what she wanted. It was all about the producers’ opinion on female contestants and who we really are, rather than our intelligence and abilities. And don’t get me started on how a lady who ran the show once mispronounced her last name while scolding her on a piece of new information, and Markle vividly remembers what the woman told her, ‘Markle, suck it in! Markle, suck it in!’

Meghan describes feeling jealousy for Paris Hilton’s lifestyle.
The Duchess of Sussex spoke candidly in an interview with her guest Paris Hilton on the podcast. The Duchess, who grew up in Los Angeles in the same era as Hilton, disclosed that she felt jealous and even judge of the celebrity heiress, who was a fellow LA rich girl, because of the preconceived notion that Hilton is dumb, while she herself was studious and destined to become successful. However, despite this judgment and envy, Meghan Markle confessed that she is looking forward to speaking to the heiress because they have so much to discuss about social issues that affect women of different cultures.

Lili’s future is important to Meghan
Meeting comedian Iliza Shlesinger who is also a girl mom, the Duchess of Sussex talked about how she wants her daughter to grow up. Specifically, Meghan said she hopes her young daughter, who she shares with her husband Prince Harry, will want to seek a healthy future where she achieves what she wants through being intelligent and being authentic. Furthermore, she commented on how she wants her daughter to defy society’s expectation of connecting your self worth to beauty.

He was her childhood crush.
While speaking to ELLE, The Duchess of Sussex opened up about her childhood and the hurdles of being considered the pretty one. It got to the point where she was convinced she was the smart one, when speaking about self-image, because that’s the way she thought boys looked at her. Further reflecting on her feelings about boys, she said, I had a crush on this boy named Chris! I couldn’t get Chris to look in my direction! You know? Continuing the conversation, The Duchess spoke to her high expectations women are expected to maintain today.

Meghan Markle’s podcast has been positively received by her audience. For the podcast’s initial announcement, Markle was first elated that the listeners would be able to get to know the real her through the show. The Duchess has so far hosted some notable guests on her show including close friend Serena Williams in the premiere episode. The show was followed by interviews with Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling, Margaret Cho, Lisa Ling, and Constance Wu. For now, more reports say the Markle-Prince Harry docuseries might come out on Netflix by December.

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