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Meet The Edgewater ‘Celebrity’ Who Paddleboards Daily With His Border Collie, Prince


EDGEWATER — Ernesto Pablo and his paddle dog Prince have become local celebrities on the lakefront.

The two can be seen paddling on Lake Michigan near Edgewater almost every day from May to November, weather permitting. Pablo caught the attention of neighbors and passersby who recognized him on the street and posted about his and his dog’s exploits on social media.

He said Pablo started paddleboarding when he moved to Edgewater about seven years ago to stay active and make the most of the lake, which he has direct access from his apartment building.

Within the first month, Pablo decided to try taking his border collie Prince for a ride.

“I did it by myself at first, and then I said, ‘Oh! My dog ​​is going to come with me someday,'” Pablo, 50, said.

Since that day, the two have been an inseparable duo on the water – and they’ve become familiar faces at Edgewater.

Neighbors recognize him when he’s out, Pablo said. They often asked him how to keep Prince from falling into the water.

As it turns out, this 8-year-old dog was made for the sport. Pablo said it was “easy” to train him.

“It didn’t take long,” Pablo said. “At first he would fall and then I would pick him up. He learned it quickly, within a few days. He was balancing. Even now, he is getting better and better every day.”

Pablo told Prince to stand, sit or stay, depending on how he wanted the paddle to move — and he said he would treat the puppy accordingly.

“Even if the waves are big, if the water is rough, he’ll go with the flow,” Pablo said. “When the waves are high, he can keep his balance.”

Pablo grew up in the Philippines, and his uncle was a fisherman, so he always loved being on the water, he said. Growing up, he often went fishing and boating with his family, and being on a paddle board with his dog gave him the same feeling, he said.

Between work and missing his family and friends — most of whom live in the Philippines or elsewhere in the U.S. — being in the water helped ease Pablo’s anxiety and homesickness, he said.

“Every time we’re in the water, I forget everything,” Pablo said. “Lake Michigan, it’s good to live by the lake and paddleboard. Like today, maybe after get off work, if the weather is nice, we’ll be in the water.”

The love and encouragement Pablo received from his neighbors inspired him to post on Edgewater’s Facebook group, identifying himself and Prince, and sharing pictures of him on the water.

One neighbor commented that Pablo was a “witness of Edgewater celebrities” to her family, while another said that Prince was “probably one of the most recognizable dogs on Chicago’s lakefront.” . Several also shared photos of two paddle boardings they took in the past year.

“We’re there to bring happiness and joy to people and make sure we live in a great community here,” Pablo said.

Credit: Leen Yassine/Chicago Bullock Club
Ernesto Pablo has been paddling with his dog for seven years and neighbors say he’s a “celebrity” at Edgewater.

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