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last movie stara six-part documentary series directed by HBO Max Ethan Hawke Designed to highlight the love for each other Paul Newman and Joanne WoodwardThe marriage produced three children, but these weren’t the only children Paul Newman welcomed into the world before his death in 2008.

The series “contains an abandoned project Newman commissioned from friend and screenwriter Stewart Stern,” according to type, It noted that Stern “interviewed close friends, family and art collaborators, including Elia Kazan, Sidney Lumet, Karl Malden, Sidney Pollack, Gore Vidal,” and more planned memoirs. Here’s what you need to know about Paul’s six children ahead of their July 21, 2022 premiere.

Paul Newman in 1955 (Eric Carpenter/Mgm/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Jackie Witt’s Children

Scott Newman

Paul and Scott Newman (Kobal/Shutterstock)

The late Scott Newman was born on September 23, 1950. He is the only child of Paul Newman, who gave birth to him with his first wife, Jackie Witte. By 1958, his parents were divorced and his father married his second wife, Joanne Woodward.

In the 1960s, Scott dropped out of school to join the entertainment industry.He tried to be an actor, every gentleman. He had tried to become a stuntman and changed his name to . William Scott, and trying to become a singer.His most notable role was Duke in 1975 great waldo pepperalthough he does Towering Hell, Breakheart Passand Fraternity trip.

In 1978, Scott overdosed on a lethal drug at the age of 28. He was on painkillers after a motorcycle accident that resulted in his early death due to his penchant for drinking, a mixture of pills and alcohol.In an article from 2010 The Sunday Times, writer AE Hotchner Reposted his conversation with Paul Newman. “Hotch, you’re my best friend,” the acting idol said. “I had to get this all out of me or I’d have a blast. There’s nothing to make up for the guilt I feel about Scott. It’s going to be with me as long as I’m alive.”

Following the death of his son, Paul Newman founded the Scott Newman Center, which aims to help healthcare professionals and teachers educate children about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Stephanie Newman

Paul Newman in 1958 (Snap/Shutterstock)

According to a 2015 article, Stephanie Newman was born in 1951 and “lived a quiet life away from the family business” Vanity FairAlthough Stephanie made several appearances with her father as a child, she has grown up relatively out of the spotlight. The public doesn’t know much about her, and it seems that’s the way she likes it.

Susan Kendall Newman

Paul Newman listens to his daughter Susan Kendall Newman speak at a news conference in Los Angeles. (Reed Saxon/AP/Shutterstock)

By 2015, Susan Kendall Newman was a “former actress and award-winning television producer providing media and production services to nonprofits.” Vanity Fair. Suan was born in February 1953 and played an unauthorized role in her father’s film, slapand in I want to hold your hand (a 1978 film about six teenagers eager to see the Beatles) and a wedding.

According to her IMDB profile, since leaving show business, she has “served as executive director of several nonprofits specializing in alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and then child welfare.” “She speaks around the world raising awareness of issues affecting the well-being of families and children. She continues to work for nonprofits to redefine missions, increase funding and visibility, and provide film and video services.”

In 2015, she lashed out Bob Forrest, the head of Newman’s own foundation. “Some family members might get angry at me for saying it,” she told Vanity Fair“But I feel like the Newmans are being held hostage by Bob Forrest. I think Mr Forrest has forgotten that it was a privilege and a huge thing for him to preside over my father’s estate and fulfill his wishes.” Responsibility. He seemed more interested in self-aggrandizement and extravagant clothing. My dad would never have supported a lot of what he was doing.”

forrest told Vanity Fair This description of him is “completely untrue”.

Joanne Woodward’s children

Neil Newman / Neil Potts

Nell Newman (Shutterstock)

Eleanor Theresa Newmanborn April 8, 1959, is the first child of Paul Newman and his second wife, Joanne Woodward. She worked as a child actor in the 1960s and 1970s Neil Potts. She appears as the main character Rachel, Rachel, playing the role of a child.she also appeared in The effect of gamma rays on calendulaa film about “a misfit middle-aged man struggling to raise his daughter, one popular and the other a promising science student.

Nell co-founded and operated Newman’s Own Organics – a branch of Newman’s Own – until 2014. In 1993, while serving as director of the Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary in central California, Nell had the idea to create her father’s all-organic division of Newman’s own.

After her father’s death, Nell fell out with the Newman family. Newman’s Organics was prevented from releasing a new product because Newman’s Own Inc. may have wanted to release a competing product. In 2014, Nell’s license agreement for her father’s name and image expired. She was then banned from working for the company. Instead of jeopardizing the livelihoods of Newman’s Organics’ 30 employees, she turned the company over to Newman’s Own, Inc. Vanity Fair.

Nell founded the Nell Newman Foundation in 2010 “with the goal of continuing her father’s legacy of charitable giving, as well as her passion for the environment. She is married to Gary Owen Since 2005.

Melissa Newman

Paul Newman (center) and his daughter Lissy Newman (left) speak with Connecticut Governor John Rowland before a ceremony in Reading, Connecticut, celebrating the largest open space land acquisition in Connecticut history (Douglas Healey/AP/Shutterstock)

Paul and Joanne’s second daughter, Melissa Newman, was born on September 27, 1961.Like her siblings, she dabbled in show business and starred in TV series Hawkins and new perry mason In the movie See how she runs, Mr and Mrs Bridge, and sometimes a great country.

Melissa is married Raphael P. Elkind November 1995.They have two children – sons Peter and Henry – She reportedly volunteered at a women’s prison in Connecticut.

Claire Newman

Joanne Woodward and Claire Newman in 2Paul’senry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock)

Paul’s youngest child is Claire “Claire” Soderlund. Born in April 1965, Clea has worked in the entertainment industry—but on the other side of the camera.she is a production consultant Lies big and small, According to her IMBD profile.She also works in post-production Big C, lunatic, and Raise the standard. She is a co-producer of the 2020 series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and an associate producer Lies big and small, sharp objects, and Big C.

It’s unclear when Kerry got married Kurt Soderlund. Like her family, Clea “has long been involved in philanthropy in Westport and beyond” Vanity Fair.

“From a very young age, our parents told us that if you’re as lucky as we are, being a good citizen and giving back in your community should be a priority,” she told Vanity Fair in a statement. “I’m proud to be a part of his legacy… It’s a special gift and an honor.”

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