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Those who lived through the 1990s (or those who lived through the wave of ’90s nostalgia) couldn’t escape the “MMMbop” earworm.Breakthrough single introduced the world Hansen,Three Brothers– Isaac Hansen, Tyler Hansen, and Zach Hansen – who provides a variety of reminiscent upbeat pop music OsmondThis jackson 5, and other harmonic groups from the 1960s/70s. “MMMBop” helped close the decade and turned the trio of brothers into one of the hottest groups of the 1990s.

However, there are more than three Hansen brothers – the fourth is also the youngest, McHansen, is a mature talent in itself. In fact, there are three Hansen sisters, but for those who want to learn more about the Hansen brothers and how many children they have, here’s the scoop.

Isaac Hansen

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Clarke Isaac Hanson was born on November 17, 1980. When the band debuted, Isaac was the eldest and tallest of the Hansen brothers. He is also known as a guitarist and singer – which enabled him to find the love of his life in 2003.

While performing in New Orleans, Isaac immediately connected with someone in the crowd: Nicole Dufres. Isaac told Yahoo!UK podcast host Kate Thornton He “sang the whole gig” to her and threw her his guitar pick as a gift, a gesture he admitted might “frighten her”. Afterwards, he asked the stage manager not to let Nicole leave the venue so he could introduce himself.

“I think one person gave me the cake as a whole. In some ways, it was both the most enduring and the bravest moment,” Isaac said. “I had to work on it. …My wife is very introverted, and I feel like she’s been a little outcast because I’m so enthusiastic — like, ‘Hey, we should hang out, we should do something, I Only been here for so long.”

However, it worked. The couple hit it off and got married in 2006. In the fifteen years since, they welcomed three children together. “After I finish a show, it’s like, ‘Wait a minute. I have to do it again, and then I’ll call you a bedtime story,'” Isaac said of his sons Everett (b. 2007) and Monroe (b. 2008) and daughter Odette (born 2014), every people.

Despite playing with his brothers for nearly two decades, the band is still thriving. “At the end of the day…we are a little bit more connected than our ability to communicate in a written and business environment,” he told minnesota daily Year 2009. Music is a universal language, and it applies to us in the band as well. I think when it’s all said and done, it’s what really glues everything together. “

Taylor Hansen

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Jordan Taylor Hanson was born on March 14, 1983, when the band was only 9 years old. Known for his behind-the-scenes keyboard Hanson and lead and backing vocals, Taylor is often a favorite of many fans.

“I remember [an] early promotion [tour] Go to a mall in New Jersey and within minutes everything is packed,” Taylor told people. “Looking at the crowd outside, it was a feeling of stepping into a door you can never turn back. I remember that very clearly.”

Taylor is also known for the Hansen brothers who played in bands that weren’t Hansen.he joined James Iha (smashing the pumpkin), Bun E. Carlos (cheap trick), and Adam Schlesinger (Wayne Fountain) Formation brown windows Year 2009. The band released an album that year, and when Adam died of COVID-19 in 2020, the band was reuniting.

“We continue to do things about challenging ourselves. I know everyone has different creative interests and things that people like to express,” Taylor told entertainment tonight. “Zac is a visual artist and Isaac has done some production. I love collaborating on songwriting with other artists.”

“I think what’s cool about where we’re at right now is that we have all this history, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re probably still many years away, and I think what’s around the corner for us is the opportunity to diversify and work with Connect with other people, other projects you love,” he added. “There are a lot of bands that start out at 28 or 30. So I think the sky’s the limit.”

Equally infinite is Taylor’s family.he has married Natalie Anne Bryant In 2002, they had seven children together: son Ezra (born 2002), river (born 2006), Vigo (b. 2008), and Indiana (b. 2018) and daughters Penelope​​​ (born 2005), Wilhelmina(b. 2012), and Maybelline (Born in 2020)

“We’re all very lucky to have amazing kids and amazing families. I always take one at a time and that gets us to seven, so I’m sticking with it for now,” he told Eastern time.

Zach Hansen

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Zachary Walker Hanson was born on October 22, 1985. As the youngest member of Hanson (the band), Zac spent his formative years in the spotlight. When “MMMBop” took off, he was about 12 years old, and he had been able to experience the ups and downs of fame. Through it all, he managed to keep the rhythm of the band’s percussionist — and maintain a sense of his role in the world.

“I think we’re lucky, we’re always a little bit eccentric,” Zach said. people“It’s unique to be brothers who don’t fight a lot but share a dream. We’ve been a band for a long time and a lot of people will say, ‘Wow, you’re normal’ because there’s a kind of lingering in people in this industry. The way to imprint. But we always had a very strong sense of place.”

“It can feel like a kid thinking about Christmas. For us, that’s what our lives are for — traveling around, meeting new people, the ability to create intangibles when strangers come into the room and sing together ,” Zach told entertainment tonight. “I think it’s very important to the soul of the world.”

Like the rest of his band, Zac has a large family. he and his wife, Kate Tucker, had five children together after their 2006 wedding. “More importantly, what legacy are you going to leave?” Zach told Eastern time. “As you know, you’re going to leave it to your kids, and you’re talking to your kids through the art you make. So I think it’s more important that you speak from the heart.”


“Leaving the green rolling hills of Oklahoma at 16 to live in Los Angeles, McHansen January 7, 1994, Joshua Mackenzie Hanson’s website. Mac Hanson was a kid watching his older brothers enjoy their first wave of fame and success.

He reportedly avoided a music career at first billboard his profile. “When I was growing up, music was something I gave my brothers – it was theirs, and I felt like I needed to discover my identity,” he said. “Looking back, I see how pride and ego get in the way of what you want or plan to do. I realize now that much of my hesitancy about doing music was fear — fear of the way it looked or was perceived. “

Mack admits he gave up his music career in part for fear of being accused of nepotism. “I’ve been trying to carve my own path throughout the process of figuring out who I am and what to do with myself,” he told billboard, “and will not be [my brothers]. I love and respect them and their music, but you have to create your own personality. “

After starting college at age 14—with the help of years of homeschooling—Mac learned cinematography, video production, and English. He moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry, editing, writing, and directing, while also dabbling in acting. One day, while camping in Joshua Tree National Park, he started playing the guitar at sunset and he felt “a surge in my soul”.

“I stood on this rock, ripped off my shirt, and yelled into the distance, ‘I’m fucking loud. Handle it! [I had] Being told to use my inner voice for the rest of my life. I’m big and loud and there’s an identity in there that I didn’t embrace but I finally realized that it’s something I need to be proud of and embrace, and embracing that loudness and part of my musical inclination means leaning toward this skill ,”He says.

Mac’s first single “Hey Hey” – named after Joshua and the Holy Roller – Produced by his older brother Isaac, who gave his experience and knowledge to his younger brother. Mac’s music ranges from rock ballads to calypso jazz and more rock. The group released their first EP, sufferingin 2018 and follow up gravel 2021.

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