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Mariah Carey’s Twins Put on a Fashion Show


It seems that love and fashion are fair. On Saturday, Mariah Carey shared a TikTok video on Instagram in which she shares her 11-year-old twins Morocco and Monroe with Nick Cannon and staged a fashion show with a real audience. The kids swaggered their stuff down the red runway, showing off their best modeling moves and adding a lot of attitude to their adoring audience.

Towards the end of the video, however, things took a turn when Monroe walked up to her brother and threw her long hair in his face, causing the children to play until their mom called “security.” Just in case anyone is concerned, the video is fully staged, with the twins having the support and participation of their mom. Kelly captioned the hilarious skit with “No kids were hurt while making this video 😂💖🤍”.

While their fights are definitely just for show, Moroccan and Monroe’s styling skills are real. In fact, Monroe landed her first modeling gig by attending OshKosh B’Gosh’s homecoming in 2021. “As a little girl, I was determined to make my dreams come true. Now as a mother, it makes me so happy to see my children imagine and develop the dreams in their hearts,” Kelly said in a statement at the time. people. “We started this campaign because we love the message that kids can dream big and forge their own path.”

The twins’ love of fashion shouldn’t surprise anyone, as their famous mom is a fashionista herself. The fact that Kylie attended a fashion show in Sicily on Saturday (and shared a photo of the event on her Instagram) may have inspired her kids to get involved.

One thing’s for sure, Monroe and the Moroccan’s Oscar-worthy performances show they’re following in their mom’s wonderful footsteps.

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