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Many Famous Hollywood Actors and Musicians in Split


July 16, 2022 – Over the past few days, many Hollywood actors and musicians in Split have been spotted. See who’s in the famous coastal city.

On Thursday afternoon, a team of about 20 world-renowned filmmakers (actors and producers) walked around Split, asking where to have dinner. They were recommended at a restaurant on the Riva River. All 20 people entered that restaurant which surprised the staff.

“We were sitting at the next table; we couldn’t believe it was Chris Rock, the one who was slapped by Will Smith, just metres away. David Spade and Woody Harrelson Right next to him, I think she also saw Metalica’s drummer,” said the Split native of Slobodna Dalmacija, who happened to be at Zoi restaurant on the waterfront when the crew arrived. Sacha Baron Cohen is also on set.

what did they eat? Well, Zoi doesn’t want to reveal this information because they protect the discretion of the guests. In the end, however, Slobodna learned from other sources that they liked seafood risotto, squid carpaccio, filet mignon, and sliced ​​lamb. They also shared dessert. What about the bill? This will be left to the Zoi staff to know.

The famous group then took a short walk around the city. When they came to Riva, a group of rabid fans formed, everyone looking for a photo with the star.

You can see pictures of actors on Slobodna Dalmacija and T.portal.

But that’s not all.

The co-founder and drummer of legendary heavy metal band Metallica Lars Urlich was also on holiday in Croatia and visited Pandora Greenbox, a plant-based vegetarian restaurant in Split, with his tour group.

“We were all surprised that Russ was a vegetarian. The guy was very approachable and in the mood to take pictures,” the restaurant told Dalmatinski Portal.


Vedland Zvetkovic

Urlich is a young tennis hope from Denmark. At 16, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career, but instead he founded Metallica with singer and guitarist James Hetfield, which is today one of the most famous heavy metal bands.

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