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Mallika Sherawat SLAMS Indian women; claims they never liked her alluring self but men never had a problem with it.

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Despite the fact that Indian women struggled to handle her boldness, Mallika Sherawat says men never had a problem with her.

Mallika Sherawat was judged for being one of those bold actresses.

It is indeed true that Mallika Sherawat is one of those actors who was judged for their boldness. Mallika began her career with Murder and a few films she claimed were too hot for the Indian audience, especially women. Mashable interviewed Mallika about the ‘radical criticism’ she received from Indian women. When discussing it, she said, “I think my sheer glamour was overwhelming to them. I am not sorry about it.”. I wore a bikini in Murder, and other famous actresses have done so before me, but I was so casual about it. My body is great. Do you want me to wear a saree at the beach? My body was liberating and I’d wear a bikini, but I didn’t want people to handle that. But that was far too much for people, particularly women. My interactions with men in India have always been nothing but pleasant. A lot of Indian men love me and I love them back. Only some women treat me viciously.

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Mallika Sherawat being praised before Deepika Padukone

Mallika Sherawat has been making controversial statements since she resurfaced in the film industry. Is she trying to redeem herself? a bunch of fans are wondering. In a recent conversation, she indirectly poked fun at Deepika Padukone, saying that what she had done in Gehraiyaan, she had done in Murder long ago. According to the actress, 15 years ago there were narrow-minded people and today things have changed for women, especially in the industry.

Mallika Sherawat on why A-list actors wouldn’t work with her

Several high-profile A-list actors refuse to work with her because she wouldn’t compromise her creative vision. Mallika added that she is not that personality who will work for the hero of the film. “I didn’t want to subject myself to someone’s whims and fancies.”. What should you do if the hero calls you in the middle of the night? I’ll tell you–sitting, standing, crawling on your belly, running around the house, flying in a spaceship–whatever it takes, so long as you’re in that circle and are in that film. If you don’t go, then you are out of the mallika Sherawat is currently working on a web series and is all set for her comeback.

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