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Makeup Diaries: Numerous approaches to utilize eye shadow, blush, and lipstick effectively.



For the average woman, makeup has become an important part of their beauty routine. From mascara to lip gloss, there are so many choices when it comes to makeup products that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by them all and wonder what you should use to get the best look possible. Luckily, this guide on makeup diaries will help you navigate the sea of cosmetics and find the best products for your needs as well as provide some expert tips and tricks so you can make your favorite beauty products even more effective at giving you the desired look you want.

The goal is to make things simple. To polish your makeup techniques in time for the next holiday season, refer to this tutorial.

Even while intricate 10-step procedures are popular on social media and you can never have enough advice from content providers, sometimes simplicity is the height of beauty (& the minimalism that comes along). While having a fully stocked vanity is something everyone longs for, using some cunning strategies will enable you to get more use out of your essential cosmetics. We can still come up with novel uses for products even if they were designed with a certain use in mind.



The best investment you can ever make is in a multipurpose eyeshadow palette because, even if that’s the only thing you have on hand, you don’t have to stop at shimmering lids; with the correct palette, your options to experiment (successfully) and maximize utilization are virtually unlimited. Fill in your brows with a dark brown shade by sweeping it on with a brush or cotton swab. Your appearance can be completely altered by thicker brows, which can also help you feel more polished. Consider dipping into the eyeshadow pallet as a trick for perfecting winged eyeliner (a la Kylie Jenner). Draw a graphic wing along your lash line by wetting an angle brush and swiping it across the color of your choice. Yes, it’s that easy!



A touch of blush can instantly revitalize a lifeless or tired-looking face. What would you do if you lacked any? Simply apply your lip color—lipstick, lipliner, or even contaminated lip balm—directly to your cheeks’ apples. Blending three times is the key in this situation. The good news is that all you need is a finger for this. To achieve a seamless blend, tap and make teeny, tiny circular strokes travelling up and away from the middle of your face. If you have blush, use it to give your eyelids a burst of color. Cream, liquid, or powder formulas all work.



Lipsticks are the best because they dramatically alter how you look and how you feel with just one swipe. If you only have lipstick, try for a monochromatic look by utilizing your favorite hue for your eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. To achieve the glossy, pinkish effect that is so in, simply mix in the desired amounts on the center of your eyelids and the apple of your cheeks. Use your red lipstick as a color corrector, especially for the area around your eyes, is another clever trick. Apply a thin layer of concealer in an even layer under the eyes, then blend it in gently with a beauty blender until the color is fully hidden.


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A cosmetic blender is a great substitute for dozens of makeup brushes and may take the place of all, so it’s not really a hack as much as a practical solution. Always wet your blender before usage and blend for a consistently natural, glowing appearance. You don’t need to spend a tone of money on makeup brushes. You’ll be persuaded by makeup influencers that the product you use for blush cannot be utilized for contouring or highlighting. Utilize beauty blenders for all purposes. For the extra color of the makeup base to absorb, your blender needs to be soft and clean.

Make some heads turn now that you understand how to use cosmetics to your advantage!

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