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Lyrics Of Song ‘Haq Hussain’ In Upcoming Bollywood Film Changed After Protests By Muslim Community


The producers of an upcoming Bollywood film have changed the lyrics of a song after protests by the Muslim community.

Movie, Khuda Haafiz: Chapter 2 – Agni Parikshaslated for a July 8 release.


On June 22, the filmmakers released a song from the film, titled ‘Huck Hussein’ on various social media platforms.

Over the past 12 days, many Muslim groups have protested the song, saying it hurts Shiites.

They said the depiction of mourning during Muharram was offensive because it proved violent.

The song shows two groups indulging in a deadly street fight during the Muharram march. The film’s male protagonist attacks his opponent with the sharp object the Undertaker uses during self-abuse. Butcher knives are also shown as murder weapons.

Muharram is an important day for Muslims. Shiites commemorate it by mourning the death of Hussein Ali, the grandson of the founder of Islam. The day marks the anniversary of the “Battle of Karbala” in which Hussein was killed.

Thousands of Muslims marched on the day they cried, telling Hussein’s story and beating their chests in black. Self-flagellation is also associated with marches.

A video clip of the song can be seen here.


After the controversy, Panorama Studios, which made the film, issued a detailed apology on July 5 via its official Twitter account.

Apologize says:

“We, the makers of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 Agni Pariksha, recognize the concerns expressed by a minority in the Shia community and sincerely apologize that elements of the song ‘Haq Hussain’ have inadvertently hurt their emotions. Some in the community Objections were raised against the word ‘Hussein’ and the use of matam zanjeer.”

“We unilaterally decided to revise the song. After consultation with the review board, we removed the zanjeer blade from the song and changed the lyrics of the song ‘Haq Hussain’ to ‘Junoon Hai’.”

“Please note that no members of the Shia community are falsely captured in the video, nor does the video show anyone from the Shia community attacking anyone.”

“The most devotional purpose of this song was to celebrate the glory of Imam Hussein and its purpose was never to hurt religious sentiments. Nonetheless, we made the above voluntarily, taking into account the sentiments of Shiites. Change.”

Panorama Studio’s post can be seen here.

About the movie

Starring actor Vidyut Jammwal, the film is a sequel to his earlier films ‘Kudahafiz’ Released in 2020.The director of the upcoming film is Farukh Kabir, who earlier released a film called ‘Arakband’ In 2010.

The cast also includes industry names such as Naseeruddin Shah and Atul Kulkarni. The film is produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, Sneha Bimal Parekh, Ram Mirchandan.

author of controversial song ‘Huck Hussein’ It was Shabbir Ahmad and Ayaz kohli.

At the time of publishing this report, songs on the Zee Music YouTube channel continued to display previous lyrics, as follows:

Ragon Noodles Khun Hai

Nahi sukoon hai

top calendar

Balajunong Sea

Julm ke khilaf

Yehakki is the sea


rahuka janghai

Tufan Chalpada

Sanda Kaphila

Aricano Henna

Woh navi ka chain sea

hussain sea

nurhaq hussain sea

hussain sea

Imam-e-haq hussain hai’

Watch songs on the Zee Music channel here.

Some of the comments visible in the comments section of the video are:

“You don’t have to use the name of Imam Hussein (as) in a song. It’s a sacred name and shouldn’t be used to depict fight scenes.”

“I am Hussein (as) for justice and for humanity. It hurts to see his name and praise recited in a song when violence and murder happen.”

“I would like to inform the producers of this film that the murder scene in the song has a bad view on Shia Muslims because we followers of Imam Hussein never use zanjeer as a weapon to harm or kill. Instead, when We use it to bleed for ourselves as we express our condolences to the mother of our beloved Iman Hussein, Sheikh Zadi Fatima. You need to take immediate action to remove the entire sequence from the film and what will happen to you Appreciation from the Yepai community.”

Note that the “as” in the above comment stands for “alayhi as-salām”, which means “peace be upon him”.

Visuals similar to Bollywood Hindu themes

Even as the film’s makers responded quickly to protests from the Muslim community, Bollywood has a long history of using Hindu chants and aartis as background music for violence, crime or debauchery. A popular Twitter account called Gems of Bollywood highlights several such videos.

2021 Movies Satyameva Jayat 2, Shiva stratam playing in the background In one scene, corrupt Hindu politicians are punished for poisoning Muslim children. The film features actor John Abraham in the lead role.

2020 OTT Series Ashram, Hindu chants and mantras used as demons and threats The murder of Sadhus showing saffron.

2020 Movies Durgamati, Sanskrit shlokas playing in the background In one scene, the titular character threatens to murder someone. In other scenes in the film, the woman is referred to as a “witch” and a “bitch”.

1989 movie love, love, love Starring actor Aamir Khan and villain played by actor Raza Murad show kill a bird While listening to a wise man recite Ramcharitmanas.

In the movie iraqa Released in the same year, the villain played by Amrish Puri, The practice meeting of being shown before the gods when planning a murder.The slogan is “Shiv Shambhu Shiv Shambhu”. Written by Javed Siddiqui and directed by Izaz Selwal, the film stars actor Mithun in the lead role.

1984 movie Zach Michel, Sanskrit mantra Play in the background And a saffron-clad Sadhu was addicted to alcohol, plotting crimes and showing off women. The film’s dialogue was written by Rashi Massum Raza.

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