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Loft Ensemble In North Hollywood Announces 10th Anniversary Season


North Hollywood Loft Orchestra Announces 10th Anniversary

Loft Ensemble in North Hollywood announces its 10th anniversary. Selected by an arts committee elected by company members and representing a desire to celebrate new voices while revisiting the fundamentals of theatrical storytelling, the show will feature six world premieres and one West Coast premiere. Three of the shows will take place at Sawyer’s Playhouse, a private black box space above the company’s main stage. The Loft is one of the few NoHo Arts District theaters capable of presenting the 2022-2023 season.

These plays are about relationships, identity, truth, culture, love and change – focusing on the relationships and authenticity of the characters in the dramatic stories. The issues they tackle include examinations of the human experience, love and identity, new beginnings, the value of truth in American culture, queer noir theater crime drama, the structure and achievement of Amazonian warriors, and surviving natural disasters. All shows on the main stage will share a modular set; it will include various pieces and platforms that can be moved around the stage and reconfigured to give each show and its furniture a unique geographic location.


The season kicks off with the world premiere of Mud, written and directed by Bree Pavey. After society collapses, a group of people come together for safety, survival, and community. As they begin to rebuild, they look at past failures with the eyes of truth. But can they escape the beasts that hunted them and avoid falling into the holes left by humans? The opening is scheduled for August 19.

mass grave

Next up is Mass Graves by Cris Eli Blak. A group of men, struggling with the consequences of their past actions, try to restore their lives in a closed halfway house. Each is forced to confront the crimes they have committed as their cohabitants and families begin to draw closer. Can they redeem themselves, or will the past push them over the edge? The world premiere, directed by Matt Lorenzo, opens at Sawyer’s Playhouse on September 30.

Mrs Dilber’s Fabulous Sheets

The Penthouse will welcome the holiday season with Arthur M. Jolly’s world premiere comedy Dilber’s Fabulous Bedcurtains. A reimagining of a Christmas Carol centered on Mrs Dilber, who tries to take Scrooge’s back despite a series of ghosts and other pastimes including Dr Jekyll, Little Match Girl and the weird Mr Hyde-esque little Tim bed curtain. . Just next to a night…a more familiar holiday story. The film, co-directed by Tor Brown and Marc Leclerc, opened on November 12 and will run until December 18.

Hurricane Katrina

The new year kicks off at Sawyer’s Playhouse with the world premiere of LaDarion Williams’ TV series Katrina. Trapped in an abandoned hospital during Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, two strangers realize they might have nothing but each other and that might be all they need. Directed by Jazmine Nichelle, it opens on January 27, 2023. Bob DeRosa’s Gifted will continue on the main stage. A group of people with small but extraordinary gifts, exploring how to use those gifts to benefit their own lives and those around them, testing how even the smallest powers can become superpowers. Co-directed by Jennifer Christina DeRosa and Sara Nilsen, the opening is scheduled for March 10.

missed opportunity

Next up is the West Coast premiere of Jillian Leff’s Missed Opportunity. A young writer is mistaken for a lesbian by her college, and the hilarity ensues when she and his roommate (who is actually a lesbian and newly single) hatch a plan to help her get close to him…  It turns out, herself. Co-directed by Ignacio Navarro and Madylin Sweeten Durrie, it opens April 21 at the Sawyer Theatre.

Behind the Six

Next up on the main stage is the world premiere of Dan Perry’s “Behind the Six,” in which a man goes undercover to murder his brother and fall in love with a conman. But can he trust him or his heart? Directed by Sarah Sommers and Sarah Nilsen, it opens on June 2. The Loft’s 10th anniversary season will conclude with the world premiere of Danielle Ozymandias’ Penthesilea. When the Amazon female warriors participated in the Trojan War, their intention was to show their talents in order to protect their own world, but they used their strength and love to create a legend. Co-directed by Bree Pavey and Ozymandias, with Marc Leclerc as battle director, it opens July 14.

Entry tickets for the entire season will be to donate what you want. Reservations are available at www.loftensemble.org. Loft Ensemble is located at 11031 Camarillo Street in North Hollywood, 91602.

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