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Lizzo Claps Back at Kanye West After His Controversial Tucker Carlson Interview


She discussed being named dropped at her recent show in Toronto as a response to Kanye West’s comments about her weight.

Kanye West has been making headlines for some controversial reasons and recently, he sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss the same. During Kanye’s interview, he revealed a series of bombshells, commenting on various body image topics including rapper Lizzo, a friend of his, who he characterized in shocking terms.

During her recent Toronto concert, Lizzo, without saying the rapper’s name, seemed to address the backlash Kanye caused by posting Lizzo’s home address. TMZ has reported that Lizzo at the concert told the crowd, I feel like everybody in America got my fg name in their fg mouth for no reason. I’m minding my fat, beautiful, Black business. She later joked, if she could stay in Canada and said to the crowd, whom I could marry for that dual citizenship.

The ‘demonic’ attacks on Lizzo’s weight loss by Kanye
In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kanye West voiced his feelings on what he called the demonic promotion of obesity by the media, which he claimed was part of a plan meant to expedite the genocide of the black race. Pointing to Lizzo, he remarked that bots … on Instagram react negatively to her announcement of her losing weight because, according to him, the media want people to believe that being overweight is the goal when it’s actually unhealthy.

As well as shading Lizzo, Kanye West discussed several other topics during his interview with TIME, such as the treatment of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian by the fashion industry. A rapper recently spoke about Kim Kardashian’s recent magazine cover, claiming that despite her faith and family, the industry did not respect her.

His account was recently restricted due to controversial posts that he made on Instagram calling out Gigi Hadid and others amid his White Lives Matter controversy. In response to Instagram’s deletion of the rapper’s posts for violating their guidelines, he returned to Twitter.

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