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Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest romantic pursuit may have set his sights on older women instead of his former taste of the under-25 variety.

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Rumors are circulating that Leonardo DiCaprio is only dating Gigi Hadid, who is 27 and would have confirmed a longstanding rumor about Leonardo DiCaprio only getting romantically involved with women younger than him, except for another plausible opinion is that he finally is getting ready for something long-term.

He is one of the most acclaimed, respected, and beloved movie stars of the present. All his major roles, leading to even more praise for his contributions to both film and theater, more than make up for his headline-making personal life and current dating struggles. The actor is once again causing the media to erupt after calling off his relationship with Camila Morrone and beginning a new romance with supermodel Gigi Hadid. While myriad scribes and fans are glad that Leo is finally dating someone more than 25, some are saying he broke his pattern only in order to make himself look good. Another school of thought believes that Gigi, 27, is the perfect partner for him since he is finally looking for someone mature to get serious on the personal front.

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Did Leonardo Di Caprio choose to date Gigi Hadid because she was over the age of 25?
A number of tabloid reports about Hollywood in the past few years have made allegations about Leonardo DiCaprio. While he has been attached to people younger than 25, these connections are always fleeting. They insist he is superficial when choosing an mate and when someone older than 25 enters the relationship, they become his adversary. One last example of this trend is Leonardo DiCaprio’s most recent break up, with model Camila Morrone. It’s also rumored that Leo chose Gigi because she is only 2 years older than he is, so she can clean his image and he doesn’t have to go too far ahead of his age.

Leonardo Di Caprio is serious about Gigi Hadid, isn’t he?
In the aforementioned circles, some believe Leo is actually serious about Gigi and believes she is mature enough to bring stability to his personal life. Based on these sources, both parties are moving at a measured pace, but are also eager to make things work.

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