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Lee Jong Suk and SNSD’s YoonA’s World Collides Suddenly in The “Big Mouth” Tension-Filled Teaser


Lee Jong Suk and YoonA’s 4th teaser for ‘Big Mouth’ has been released, warning powerful people to watch their hearts. In the fourth teaser video, we see a young law-abiding citizen couple who are about to lose their happy everyday lives. in addition to ‘Doctor Lawyer’, ‘Big Mouth’ will be aired for the first time on July 29th at 9:50 PM KST (6:20 PM IST).

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In the beginning, the movie begins with a sequence that is strikingly ordinary of couple Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Go Mi Ho (YoonA). However, by highlighting the Gucheok University Hospital Murder Case, the mood suddenly changes. In this case, because it has attracted attention, Big Mouth lawyer Park Chang Ho’s winning rate of 10% properly touched the hearts of the powerful people, and eventually he paid the price for excessive greed.

In a prison infested with heinous criminals, Park Chang Ho, who suddenly became the brilliant con artist ‘Big Mouse’ from his Korean lawyer, sees his wife, Go Mi Ho, who tries to clear his name and strengthens his will to survive. These two artist’s replies– Go Mi Ho’s What is real despair? and Park Chang Ho’s I will show you smartly—are evidence of their realization.

Previous to foretelling the arrival of a huge worldview reminiscent of the lawless zone in the drama, a special poster containing the disparate elements of the five major characters who will create the framework of ‘Big Mouth’ was released. The king of the dark world, Park Chang Ho, who has suddenly transformed from a lawyer with a win rate of 10% to the ‘Big Mouse’, carries a wound on his face while wearing a prison uniform.

In the same way, Park Chang Ho’s wife Go Mi Ho must also be absurd. As if struck by lightning, her face is filled with despair and bitterness. In response, Mi Ho ties her hair and jumps directly into the battlefield to overcome the crisis threatening her family.

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