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Lauren Gottlieb opens up to Maniesh Paul about experiencing rebirth and leaving Bollywood behind to go home | Hindi Movie News


Dancing Feeling Lauren Gottlieb became a household name after starring in films like ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) and ABCD 2. She even found success in a reality show on TV. But suddenly, she abandoned all commitments and returned to her home country, the United States. She recently spoke with Maniesh Paul on his YouTube podcast and revealed her reasons for leaving all the fame and flattery and going home.

Recalling a moment that changed her perspective, Lauren said: “One night, I had this moment. I was taking a nap. I was laying on the floor and my body was itching. Something was wrong. Suddenly, I felt my The back was pulled to the center of the room. So weird. My face was pushed to the ground, I thought my nose was going to break. I couldn’t control my body. And then”

That’s when Lauren saw her birth. She recalled: “Suddenly, I saw something. My mother was in labor. Everything was fine. The doctor left the room. Suddenly all the alarms went off. The doctor ran back and looked at my mother, fearing God in his The eyes say you need to push now. In the womb with the umbilical cord around my throat and I’m about to choke. Either I’m going to die or my mom is going to die. But neither of us. The only thing that happened when I came out was that I punched Broke my nose.” Creepy enough, the same thing happened to Lauren years later. She further recalls: “Suddenly, I saw the womb. I realized that’s how I was brought into this world. I was re-experiencing my birth.”

Lauren revealed how she heard similar rebirth stories from Jay Shetty and many other popular names. Realizing what happened, Lauren wanted to react. She said: “I wanted to scream and cry loudly, but all the conditions stopped me. I felt like I was going to wake up the whole city. So I just rolled up my spine, one vertebra at a time. Then I stood up and I stepped Taking my first steps in life, like I’ve just been born again.”

Eventually, Lauren came to realize the life-changing issues. One aspect that persuaded her to move back to America was being with her parents and family. The out-of-body experience forced her to think about what would have happened to her father or mother while she was in India. She decided to stay with her family and leave the world of glamour and glitz to live a real life.

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