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Hollywood, Florida. (WSVN) – A late-night trip to the bathroom scared a Hollywood woman who opened the door to find unwelcome guests.

Michelle Reynolds said she was given the company of some reptile species at her Sheridan Street home on Saturday night.

She said it all started when she decided to make herself a late-night snack.

“I came down at 10:30 last night to make my little snack and as usual I put it in the microwave and jumped to the bathroom and opened the door and turned around quickly because I saw this stuff inside and it closed quickly door,” she said.

Splashing around in the toilet is an iguana.

“Oh my gosh, there’s an iguana in the toilet!” Reynolds said.

Reynolds knew her guests wouldn’t just find a way to get out, so she opted to seek help.

She called Harold Rondan of Iguana Lifestyles to help bring the critters in.

“I just ran in with this pig stick in my hand. It’s a little clip,” he said. “I was able to grab it and pull it out.”

Rondan has removed several iguanas from his South Florida property this year.

“This is the second time this week,” he said.

On Sunday, he showed up at Reynolds’ home and fished out what he said was a Mexican spiny-tailed iguana.

“He’s really big,” Reynolds said in a cellphone video as Rondan walked out of the bathroom with the iguana.

“It’s peaceful and quiet now,” Landin said after a while.

The homeowner said her toilet is now safe to sit on again.

“He takes up most of the toilet,” she said. “I was just a little stiff. I went upstairs and said, ‘There’s an iguana in the toilet,'” she said.

Reynolds said she suspects the iguana may have entered through a vent or a sewer.

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