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Kkusum actress Ekta Sharma goes from call centre to TV success story

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Television actress Ekta Sharma’s career became stalled after she stopped receiving acting offers. Now, after having been employed at a call centre for almost a year, she has just been offered a new position. If you want to know more about this subject, please read the next document.

Ekta Sharma was previously said to be employed at a call centre because she was having trouble landing excellent acting gigs. The actress has reportedly returned to the television industry, according to the most recent information. She portrays a mother in the TV series Mann Sundar in which she has a role. Two years later, she started shooting again from the same position, and she had a very different experience.

An actress who has worked on shows like Kkusum, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kamini-Damini, Bepanah Pyaar, and many others spoke about missing sets to ETimes. The first day on set made her happy as she saw the creative team, crew, and cameraperson. The whole experience made her feel like she was home. She also revealed acting was her first love, and she hated working at a call center. The actress shared that she had no choice but to join the company. She worked there for a year before searching for another job. During the last week of September, she resigned from the call center and was preparing to start working for another company.

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She revealed that she had auditioned for Mann Sundar before, but had forgotten about it. When she received the call, she was happy to do what she loved. Shivanshi Das’s mom, who will play a negative role in the serial, will be played by the actress. In the past, the actress has taken on roles that are a lot older than she is in real life. Rather than actually empathizing with the character, when playing the role of that person it is crucial to understand that a good person has qualities that are in direct contrast to a bad person’s.

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