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Kim Tae Hee’s Agency Denies Rain’s Cheating Allegations

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In the past, Korean star Jung Suk also addressed rumors about him.

Rumor has it:

To sum it up, Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy, two popular power couples in the Korean entertainment industry, have made their marriage official in the recent past. While the former married in 2017, the latter in 2018. Beginning at the beginning of the year, rumors about two high-profile couples surfaced; recent allegations of adultery were directed at one of the celebrities by an unverified report, prompting vitriolic postings by the fans of the pro golfer.

The response:The South Korean Golf star Park Kyung denied that she had an affair with either of the male actors by calling the rumors groundless and ridiculous and that the actors’ agencies responded with a firm promise to take legal action against the individuals who publicly speculated on the woman’s identity. The act led to more harassing her Instagram, with people even recognizing her as the individual, identifying her country of origin, and linking her back to the actor. A sports player wrote a response that insulted the commenters and gave the other party’s perspective on the altercation. She pointed out that the argument could have never been with her because she doesn’t look like the woman who was talked about.

Kim Tae Hee’s stand:
To make matters worse, Superstar Kim Tae Hee’s agency also refuted the speculations that the rumors were without merit and without any room for discussion because they were made up. The agency proceeded by confirming that the actress laughed upon hearing of the rumors herself. It is reportedly true that Kim Tae Hee has never met the pro-golfer who has been accused before this. Rain’s agency has also responded in a similar manner.

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