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Kiccha Sudeep says south films surpassing Bollywood is ‘victory of content’


Kiccha Sudeep has spoken many languages ​​in a career spanning 25 years. But later this month, he will make what he calls his most ambitious film yet. Vikrant Rona, his upcoming Kannada film, has a budget rupeeJacqueline Fernandez’s $950 million, big sets, VFX, even Bollywood stars. On the eve of the film’s release, Sudeep sat down with the Hindustan Times to chat about the film, the North-South divide, and his “brother” Salman Khan, who is showing the Hindi version of the film. Also read: Kiccha Sudeep will host the first edition of Bigg Boss OTT Kannada

Vikrant Rona was promoted as a pan-Indian film and released in five languages. This is Sudeep’s biggest movie, and the excitement surrounding it is greater than most of his previous releases. “The excitement wasn’t because it traveled in multiple languages. My excitement was because we had an idea for the film, a vision, and we made it happen. Finally, when we saw this movie on screen 3-4 years ago That’s what we imagined when we made the movie. Knowing that we can make it happen excites me,” he said.

The release of the film comes as films from the South – including the Kannada language industry – have been dominating, overtaking Bollywood films in the Hindi belt’s collection. Sudeep said, “When content starts talking, it starts spreading. It’s not forced. It happens organically all the time on its own. It’s a triumph of content.”

Asked if cultural differences were preventing this cross-flow until now, he was quick to retort: ​​”We’re watching Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Maine Pyaar Kiya, we’re watching Sholay, Hum Saath Saath Hain and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gam. So, we watched movies from that culture in the cinemas in Bangalore, Gujarati and stories from Punjabi families. It’s not about cultural differences. If I gave you something you haven’t seen, you would Interested in.”

Vikrant Rona is Sudeep's biggest Kannada film to date.
Vikrant Rona is Sudeep’s biggest Kannada film to date.

But he did point out what has changed. Movies from the South are now showing in the North. He said: “Everything has to end, including restrictions. Earlier, southern films would come to the north, but on satellite TV. Whenever I travel to Delhi, Goa, Mumbai or Jaipur, people will recognise it I also said he was that Bajirao hero because my movie ‘Kempe Gundam’ is called Bajirao in Hindi. They know we are satellites. It’s time for us to do the theatrical release, That’s what we are now.”

He was happy to see restrictions and language barriers lifted in India and people sitting in UP and Punjab were watching movies in Kannada and Telugu. “If you go to Punjab, they will know Punjabi films and Hindi films. Likewise, in Bangladesh, they know Bengali films and Hindi films. Hindi is universal. But they never know southern films because our Movies aren’t showing in theaters. Just like TV dramas in Thailand and South Korea are being exposed, so are our films. It’s bound to happen, but what happened in these two years is almost a 15-year change,” the actor said.

However, the veteran actor added that the change does have a flip side, and at least for members of the film fraternity, they must now be on their toes. “Today, the audience is spoiled. They have a menu card like an order, and they can pick and choose what to consume. That makes it difficult for us. You can’t take your star for granted. You can’t take your audience for granted. Take it for granted. People don’t get hitched,” he shared.

Vikrant Rona opens in theaters on July 28 and will be screened in five languages.Hindi version by

Salman Khan, Sudeep worked with him in Dabangg 3. Speaking of Salman’s interest in the film, he said, “I was in Mumbai. He knew I was making this film and showing it to some companies. When I met him later, he had heard people say , asked me to go to the movies. He liked it. In fact, he was very interested in the Mumbai market. He called his team to help us. He asked me, ‘Do you want me to help you shoot? I just said The most you can do is show the movie because I don’t want to ask for anything more. We’re like brothers. Our equation goes beyond the movie.”

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