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Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber Enjoy a Night Out at Ex Harry Styles’ LA Concert


At the Harry Styles event in Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner was spotted along with her sister Kylie Jenner and friend Hailey Bieber. The group appeared to be having a great time.

The fact that Kendall Jenner recently attended Harry Styles’ concert in Los Angeles clearly demonstrated their cordial relationship. The model was spotted having a good time while out on the town with her sister Kylie Jenner and closest friend Hailey Bieber. They were dancing the night away at the singer’s concert. In several fan videos, Kendall and Kylie can be seen having a blast.

Kendall, Hailey, and Kylie were captured on camera dancing to some of Harry Styles’ most well-known songs, including Daydreaming and Watermelon Sugar. According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian’s childhood closest pal Allison Statter recently joined the group. Kendall was spotted wearing a halter-neck top with a snakeskin print for the concert, along with black pants and a shoulder bag.

History of Kendall and Harry

The singer of One Direction and the model started dating in February 2014. While Kendall and Harry made headlines with their dates while they were in love, their union didn’t survive, and they soon split up. Despite the fact that Harry and Kendall supposedly resumed their romance in 2015, the couple dated for almost a year before splitting up at the end of the year. The ex-couple have happily moved on, with Harry dating Olivia Wilde and Kim Kardashian dating Devin Booker, a player for the Phoenix Suns.

Mishap at Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles

Harry sustained an eye injury during his Monday night performance after fan videos captured the moment that the singer’s eye was struck by what appeared to be skittles that were thrown out by the audience. Videos from the performance have shown Styles reacting as the object comes into contact with his eye, but the singer can later be seen performing while squinting.

The Grammy 2023 nominees have since been revealed, and Styles managed to secure six significant nods, including for his song As It Was in the categories of Song of the Year and Record of the Year. For Harry’s House, the singer also received a nomination for Album of the Year. Along with Taylor Swift, BTS, Adele, and Kendrick Lamar, Styles is a competitor in the Best Music Video category.

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