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Katrina Kaif finally reveals what she tolerates about hubby Vicky Kaushal and what she learnt from her marriage.


She feels there is just one thing she needs to tolerate from husband Vicky Kaushal – a word in Tamil – and she also revealed the big lesson she learnt about marriage with him.

She discovered love when she was done with it, like everyone says everything happens for a reason, and she chose Vicky Kaushal. Today, they are the most loved and popular couple on the big screen. The female Bollywood actor who is head over heels in love with her husband, Vicky Kaushal, has been very candid in interviews about him and his upcoming movie, Phone Bhoot. In one interview, she said something about Vicky she finds tough to put up with, which is his stubbornness. The actress made the admission that she appreciated how loving and amenable he was but hated that he was obstinate. They say, after all, that you have to learn to tolerate your loved ones even when they’re difficult.

Katrina, who is happily married to Vicky and will celebrate her first anniversary soon, shared one lesson that she learned from her marriage. The actress revealed that ‘marriage has taught me to let others talk,’ according to Variety, while also appearing in KJo’s show. When even she remarked that ‘Karan reminds me when I am wrong, I often feel it would be justifiable if he can point it out’, even now seems like Kat is willing to consider the point.

Take a look at this adorable video of Katrina Kaif getting some fashion advice from hubby Vicky Kaushal for her movie Phone Bhoot

Reportedly Katrina and Vicky have been dating for three years before deciding to get married last year in December. Their wedding was beautiful, they’re madly in love, and they couldn’t look more perfect. Despite rumours about Katrina expecting the first child for quite some time, it seems as though these rumours are not true. Vicky and Katrina are very happy in their space.

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