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Jungkook wishes Jimin a happy birthday looking straight out of a romance novel


BTS: During Jimin’s birthday, Jungkook’s flirty avatar causes a disturbance for the ARMYs on social media; people want to know the reasoning behind that confusing video.

Popular BTS member, Park Jimin turned 27, and many ARMYs from all around the world celebrated him with birth day projects. The members of BTS are cheering Jimin on as well. In fact, J-Hope aka Hobi can’t stop himself from posting videos and pictures of Jimin on Instagram. Jungkook sent Jimin a birthday wish on Weverse amid all this talk of his phone gallery being full of him. Jungkook with his long silky hair and glasses looked straight out of a romance novel. ARMYs are wondering if Jungkook is being flirtatious for Jimin, or if he just intends to tease him.

It is now the time of Jimin’s concert, and there are a lot of fans at the cafe owned by his father, Park Hyun-soo. ARMYs from around the world have gathered in Busan for the concert, which is part of the city’s bid for the World Expo 2030. Jimin, who hails from Busan, has his advertisements everywhere throughout the port city. Now, Jungkook is trending with more than 500K tweets for his video. Have a look at these reactions….

I’m always expecting something out of the blue to come from Jungkook, which is why I’m so surprised that he hasn’t been active on social media for a while. And what a comeback for Park Jimin’s birthday!

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