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Julie Bowen Clarifies Her Sexuality on Modern Family


Despite identifying as straight, Julie Bowen “loved a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back.” Hear her thoughts on how people should view sexuality in the article below.

Bowen views sexuality from a modern perspective.

During a recent interview with Becca Tilley of Bachelor Nation, the Modern Family star was up about her experience with a same-sex relationship. Julie admitted on the October 31 episode of her Quitters podcast that she had once been “in love with a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back,” despite the fact that she has “always been straight” in the traditional sense.

The actress continued, saying it’s “crazy” to assign labels to human sexuality, adding that because it never truly took off, she never had to question her conception of her sexuality. “It is not appropriate for us to base our first impressions of someone on what they do with their body. Your concern is that.”

When Becca, who has been dating Hayley Kiyoko for more than four years, discussed her own sexual development, the topic came up. When considering her connection with the “They “fell in love so fast,” according to Becca, when the “Girls Like Girls” musician started performing that she never had time to consider the following: “What is my label? How do I recognise?”

The Bachelor alum said, “I’m just attracted to people. “Men appeal to me. I find women attractive, especially Hayley, with whom I fell in love.”

Becca acknowledges that the idea of coming out is not a problem, but she wishes “that one day people don’t have to come out since it causes a lot of stress.”

Added she, “Life is already really challenging. Love should be a beautiful and natural experience that people don’t have to justify to others.”

After appearing in the singer’s “For the Girls” music video as a cameo, Becca made her relationship with Hayley public in May. Becca claimed she and Hayley were open about their relationship to people and did not believe it to be a “secret” even though they had never discussed it in public before this year.

The idea of a secret has a “connection to shame, and I never wanted it to feel like I felt ashamed,” Becca said, explaining that she prefers the term “private.” She added, “I never wanted it to come across that she was a secret.”

Julie, on the other hand, has recently been very private about her romantic life. The celebrity joked in January that she was actually “retired” from dating, though there was one famous person she’d be interested in getting to know. The star was married to Scott Phillips from 2004 to 2018 and has three sons with him.

You want to know if I’d leave my retirement to support Harry Styles? On Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Bowen made a joke. “Oh my god, yes. Him? Watch him!”

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