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Julie Bowen, a Modern Family star, is Open About Her Sexuality

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Julie Bowen, a former “Modern Family” actor, is coming out as a lesbian and being incredibly frank about a past crush that never materialised. The actor has attracted a lot of attention to her love life over the years after becoming one of the most well-known TV stars thanks to her role as busy mom Claire Dunphy in the ABC sitcom.

She was married to Scott Phillips and carrying twins when she filmed the pilot episode of “Modern Family” during her ascent to stardom. Despite having three children together and getting married in 2004, Bowen and Phillips divorced four years later. People reported that the former couple had divided a staggering $25 million in assets between them after their divorce had been formally finalised in September 2018. Although Bowen joked on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in January about not exactly leaping back into the dating pool following the breakup, the two remained relatively mum about their breakup. “I’m a really lonesome,”On the now-defunct daytime talk show, Bowen jokingly stated that she had received a dog as a gift to mark her retirement from dating.

Now, though, Bowen is opening up about a time she did date, offering a fairly unexpected tidbit about her love life that included a different woman. Bowen has previously acknowledged to having crushes on both Sofia Vergara and Stephen Colbert.

Julie Bowen desired a female partner.

On “Quitters” on October 31, Julie Bowen opened up about her previous relationships and acknowledged that she had previously had a serious crush on a lady. “I’m cisgender. I’ve been straight all my life. For a long, I had a woman in my heart, but she didn’t reciprocate my feelings. She enjoyed ladies, but she didn’t feel the same way about me “Bowen disclosed. The actor implied that if the relationship had materialised, she would have been open to it, but she later clarified, “It never really took off so I never really had to confront my understanding of my sexuality.” The celebrity expressed optimism that a day would come when individuals would no longer be required to publicly affirm their sexual orientation, adding,The first thing we should know or care about about someone should not be what they do with their body.

However, even if it seems that Bowen hasn’t dated a person of the same sex, we know she has because David Spade was the man she was seeing before she married Scott Phillips. In 2020, Bowen discussed their relationship on “Life is Short with Justin Long,” revealing that she was still close with the “8 Simple Rules” actor but that they will never be back together. She acknowledged that he was a fantastic friend rather than a great boyfriend. I don’t regret dating David Spade because he’s a great person, but you shouldn’t date him.

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