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Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winner and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, reveals she’ll ‘never be paid as much as men because of her vagina’


In an interview last week, Jennifer Lawrence was anything but demure when she let her thoughts on Hollywood’s disparity in pay between men and women be known.

There has been a burning issue of pay gap in the entertainment industry for quite a while now, but nowhere more than Hollywood, where it began and continues to spread like wildfire. Hollywood’s pay gap issue has been addressed by many A-listers in the industry, both men and women, and now award-winning star Jennifer Lawrence has jumped on the bandwagon. Along with some powerful insights into the pay gap between women and men in Hollywood, she also discloses some privately tough moments she has gone through. Such as her experience with twin miscarriages.


Jennifer Lawrence declares that she will never make as much money as men do.
Recent talk with Hollywood insider Vogue has revealed Jennifer Lawrence to be angry about Hollywood’s pervasive gender pay gap. After stressing that she does all the same things as guys and achieves just as much as them, Lawrence went on to say, no matter what I do, I will never be paid as much as many of them do, just because I have a vagina. Luckily, Jennifer acknowledged that the problem is prevalent in other industries as well, mentioning that it is also an issue of sexism and misogyny in American politics.

Jennifer Lawrence reveals she experienced two miscarriages.
Jennifer Lawrence just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who is now 6 months old. However, what the rest of the world, including the world outside her inner circle, did not know is that the star had experienced two miscarriages before that: one in her early 20s, and the second time while filming the multiple-Oscar-nominated 2021 film, Don’t Look Up. That is why the third pregnancy went smoothly and she feels so fortunate and blessed.

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