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Janhvi Kapoor inherited many traits from her mother Sridevi.


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Recently in an interview, Janhvi Kapoor talked about the valuable gifts she learned from her late mother Sridevi.
The career of late actress Sridevi’s daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, has made gradual strides since she first stepped into the world of acting. At this point, now that she’s gotten over the release of her debut film, Good Luck Jerry, the precocious Janhvi’s budding talent and obvious promise have been the talk of the town. Speaking in a recent interview, Janhvi has discussed how she feels more south Indian than Punjabi and says she has gained a lot from her late mother Sridevi.

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Janhvi Kapoor shares what she has learned from Sridevi
Janhvi was asked by The Beer Biceps what she has learned from her mom Sridevi. The actress said that she often wonders about it, but feels that people might think of her as arrogant if she draws parallels with her mother. Janhvi said, This makes me ask myself every time. I believe that if she had been there, I would have been able to answer it a lot more freely. Since she isn’t here, I worry people might think I’m arrogant for drawing parallels between me and my mom. It’s my mom, right? But people will never perceive it like that because to them, she is Sridevi Kapoor but to me, she is my mom.”

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Janhvi went on to say, “The way that I walk across the hallway in the morning, I obviously walk the way she does.” Apparently when I eat food and the sounds I make are exactly like her. The sound of my voice is very similar to hers. I cry like her, and I’m needy like her, I think. In front of the camera I can be a little erratic like her. I feel I am sensitive like her.

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Janhvi Kapoor wins audiences over with Good Luck Jerry
In her role as Jerry in Good Luck, Janhvi managed to capture the hearts of audiences and make them applaud her acting. The film was a remake of a South film starring Nayanthara. Critical and fan reviews were overwhelmingly positive for this Disney+Hotstar release.

She will be seen in Varun Dhawan’s Bawaal. Sajid Nadiadwala produces and directs the film. This will be her first major joint production with her father, who is her producer.

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