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It’s not Camille Vasquez who represented Johnny Depp in defamation case against Amber Heard; all you need to know


Johnny Depp has once again had his personal life broadcast to the world with a famous case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp, the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean fame, has been in the news lately thanks to his personal life. His defamation trial against Amber Heard has been widely publicized as well. It was reported that he was dating his lawyer Camille Vasquez despite the fact that he won the case against his ex-wife. In the midst of the trial, reports suggested that he dated his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Despite all these reports, she dispelled them. Now, once again, his love life has been in the spotlight.

Johnny Depp dating a lawyer?
According to the latest reports, Johnny Depp is currently dating Joelle Rich, who represented him in the UK defamation suit. Despite the losing, Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich have gotten closer since the case and are allegedly dating now. ‘Serious’ is how one source described Johnny Depp’s relationship with Joelle Rich. Rich was part of the legal team that represented Johnny Depp when he sued a magazine. In addition to being a part of the legal team, Joelle Rich reportedly attended Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s trial. The report states that Joelle Rich, wife and mother of two children, is seeking divorce from her husband.

All about Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case
The defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has lasted for a long time. It began with Heard’s op-ed in which she said that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Then, Johnny Depp told her that the article cost her, saying that the pirate part in his film had been cancelled. Over the course of the trial, the parties accused each other and much information was discussed. Despite Amber Heard’s claims that Johnny Depp physically assaulted her, Johnny Depp said that her aggressive behavior caused his chopped finger.

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