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It took BTS ARMY in Indonesia 24 hours to collect USD 30,000 to help survivors of the Kanjuruhan disaster that left 131 people dead


In October 2022, the Kunjuruhan Stadium tragedy caused USD 30K of damage to Indonesian fans. Among Asian countries, it is by far the largest.

There is no doubt that BTS is committed to philanthropic causes. The BTS ARMY, its large fandom, favors the same approach. In case you are following world news, you have likely heard about the tragedy at Indonesia’s Kunjuruhan Stadium. So on October 1, 2022, a game at a stadium in Java, Indonesia, went awry. Police use tear gas to disperse the incident. 131 people died as a result of a subsequent stampede. It seems that the Indonesian football club, Arema, lost to another local team before the spectators surged on the pitch, attacking the team and staff. There was an altercation with the police which led to them firing tear gas. The doors to the stadium had been shut when people stampeded. Many people perished from a variety of reasons, such as overcrowding and asphyxiation, and the government has finally revealed the figures, with a total of 131.

The BTS ARMY in Indonesia is making its mark by taking immediate action and in less than 24 hours they’ve managed to collect USD 30,000 to support struggling families in the news. The reports were carried by CNN Indonesia. Currently they are distributing the donations to those who have a legitimate claim on them, and studying the results of the actions they have taken thus far. They have not decided what they will do with the donations after that.

BTS ARMY are as giving as the boys themselves. In 2020, they managed to raise $1 million USD in just a day for the Black Lives Matter campaign. They’re known to organize donation drives on the birthdays of their members. BTS members are getting ready for the concert in Busan. This is part of their involvement in Busan’s bid for World Expo 2020. They helped out during the post-flood situation in Kaziranga National Park in India and donated Rs. five lakh for the park’s rehabilitation efforts. BTS Army is recognized by many to be a force for good, the pop band is appearing at various UN related agencies such as UNICEF and UN and is due to speak at the White House soon.

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