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Is Paras Kalnawat going to stop Urfi Javed from appearing on Rupali Ganguly’s show?

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However, her planned appearance on Anupamaa had been cancelled. We are well aware that all of the blame belongs to her ex-boyfriend Paras Kalnawat who has now been removed from the show.


After only a week of his season of the show Anupamaa, popular internet sensation Urfi Javed was kicked out. All fingers point to Paras Kalnawat, who has reportedly stopped their appearances on the show. Paras has been shown the door after signing the 10th season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and violating the contract of producer Rajan Shahi. Rajan Shahi reportedly stopped serving the show when he learned that Paras was talking up another show. While Paras claimed his scenes were cut from the show, he had no dialogue to say on the 21 pages scenes in which he was made to stand in the background, which left him frustrated as an actor. He even discussed the issue with Rajan Shahi.

Actor Reacts To: Urfi Javed Alleges Paras Is Obsessive Boyfriend

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Parsi‘s unexpected departure had catapulted him to overnight fame, but she reportedly gave him this fame when Urfi Javed was due to come on the show, who was later told not to because Parsi is too clingy. Urfi reportedly had said that Paras was obsessive and has broken up with him as a result. When questioned about Urfi’s claims, Paras replied he wanted to react to them and If there is a problem, I will talk about it in person. when Paras sees people speak about him, he is placid, reminding himself that these words are an instrument of joy for them. So for him, all the invective hurled his way does not really affect him.

Coming from out of nowhere was a shocker, which made the actor a lot of make some disturbing reevaluations about the show and the makers. The actor has even claimed that the contract created by producer Rajan Shahi was a nightmare and he is extremely grateful that it has come to an end.

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