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Internet is awestruck by video of child hugging man in spooky Halloween costume


It’s no wonder a video of an adorable little boy hugging a mysterious man dressed as an angel at a Halloween party went viral! The little boy is so thrilled to see his friend that he does not want to let go, making for one of the most memorable human moments ever recorded.

At the spookiest celebration of the year, Halloween 2022, everybody have brought their best costume game. Another time, a video of a man trying to frighten a little child while dressed as a ghostly figure becomes viral. The child’s response, on the other hand, captured the attention of online users and left them speechless. He only knows love, is the caption that appears with the child’s Instagram response.

The man wearing a Halloween costume is seen around a little child who is standing next to a shrub at the start of the video. The boy flips over after the stranger taps him on the back later in the video. He doesn’t feel any dread at all, though, when he looks at the man. He actually continues to look at him before opening his arms. The two of them soon embrace, astounding the online community. Look at this:

“Fearing a man makes him worse. Show some love,” there can be seen hearts left in the comments section of an Instagram post.

One other video of a man in costume as Valak from The Conjuring series went viral this week. The video was shared on Instagram and shows a man dressed as the demon and dancing in his living room with his friends and family. In this video, he performs Giddha, Punjab’s traditional dance, while people cheer for him. The woman who films The Nun couldn’t hold back her laughter as the man claps and grooves to the Punjabi song. Observe that a man is dancing in the background while making a cross with his fingers. The man’s outfit and makeup resembled the Nun’s. In the caption of the video, it read “POSSESSIVE GIDHA LMAO.”

There are more than 2.2 million viewers of the viral video and internet users couldn’t resist laughing after watching the desi Nun. Many internet users even called her Nunpreet, Nunjot, Nun Kaur, and more. In addition to praising Nunjot Kaur, another user wrote: “The guy throwing up a cross in the back killed me”. A third user wrote, “What in the world is going on here?”. When asked about recreating the video, a user said, “We MUST have to be this for Halloween.”.

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