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In her memory, Ratan Raajputh recalls a terrible occurrence in which a boy took her into a jungle.


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On her vlog, Ratan Raajputh discusses a terrifying experience involving her first phone as she purchases a new one.

In a recent vlog, Ratan Raajputh talked about the most terrible experience of her life. Although Ratan hasn’t been watching much television lately, she still communicates with her followers through her vlogs. Ratan recently shared a memory from when she first started performing theatre at Delhi’s Mandi House.

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Ratan recently purchased a new phone for herself, and as she was filming the vlog, she recalled the terrifying occurrence in which her phone was stolen by petty crime and she herself trapped in a potentially fatal circumstance. Ratan claimed that she once spoke to her mother on the phone as she was driving back from Mandi House. She soon realised a boy was attempting to take her phone. He snatched the phone from her before she could react. Ratan said, “She yelled for help, but nobody came forward; they just stood there.”

That thief was pursued by Ratan Raajputh, who led her into a remote, deep jungle. Ratan was frightened after learning about it. Later, she came across another guy. Ratan begged him for assistance, but he grabbed her hand and carried her farther into the woods. “Aa tujhe tera phone dilata hoon,” the youngster cried. Finally, she received sincere assistance from an NIFT student, who safely delivered Ratan to his house.

Ratan claimed that after recalling the incident, she becomes afraid, and her face expresses her anxiety vividly.

Watch the vlog here

Life as a professional Ratan Raajputh
With her programme Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Ratan achieved enormous fame. One of the most enjoyable and ground-breaking characters on Indian television, her Laali character is still remembered. Santoshi Maa, Fear Files, Raadha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi, Raavan, and Vighnaharta Ganesh are just a few of the numerous programmes in which Raajputh has appeared. Ratan participated in Bigg Boss 7 as well.

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