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In a WWE Raw segment, Triple H reunites with his DX friends and makes a reference to AEW’s backstage brawl


During WWE RAW’s season premiere, Triple H reunited with his fellow DX members to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

The beginning of a new wrestling season brought a Triple H reunion with his old cohorts: Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman (X-PAC) and Brian James (Road Dogg Jesse James) ahead of Monday’s show. After the sequence, people on Twitter split sides with both mocking it and enjoying the exchange, to some fans’ elation.

Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, and Road Dogg of D-Generation X approached Triple H at the AEW premier, trying to convince him to tone down their usual antics. In spite of that, members also took time to joke about some of the performers such as Triple H’s remark that prompted loud boos, No fighting! Some fans speculate this is about backstage fights in the AEW company.

As noted by Wrestling Observer Live, Triple H has used this opportunity to pierce holes in AEW. This comes amid recent rumours that wrestlers are planning to leave AEW and return to WWE, presumably because they have faith in Triple H, but also because they have had opportunities to wrestle in a more on-going way with WWE than they have in AEW.

All of AEW’s backstage brawls.
Since several backstage stories came to light, AEW has been in the middle of controversy, raising questions about backstage morale. One story that came up involved Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara who were supposed to compete at All Out, but the feud grew in a behind the scenes confrontation where Kingston is said to have dealt a punch to Guevara. Kingston was also suspended as a result of this.

During WWE RAW’s season premiere, fans were delighted to see DeGeneration X reunion for the group’s 25th anniversary. As part of the final segment’s iconic moment, all four DX members made their way in their old assault vehicles to the ring and also joked about getting older as they entered the ring. Brock Lesnar, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows also made returns.

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