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Ieshaan Sehgaal on nepotism and more



Mumbai, first posted on Jul 15, 2022 4:26 PM IST

Ieshaan Sehgaal has been in the spotlight for many since his appearance on the 15th season of Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss. Since then, the actor has not stopped, and he has a huge following on social media.

Currently, Ieshaan Sehgaal is having a big hit with his recently released music video “Baarishein” which also stars his girlfriend actor Miesha Iyer. The two fell in love during Bigg Boss’s stay, and their relationship has only grown stronger since then. Ieshaan Sehgaal enjoyed the response to “Baarishein”, but the actor revealed in a conversation with Asianet News that his Bollywood debut project was lost to a star kid.

Talking about whether nepotism exists in the Hindi film industry, Ieshaan Sehgaal told reporters: “Yes, nepotism does exist in Bollywood. But I don’t think it’s a problem. I’m a person who has been replaced by a star child, which is very Hurts. I’m really disappointed, and I don’t even know why it happened to me.”

“But, later, if I’m a superstar and have kids, when they want to get into the field, I’m not going to tell them to go out and audition. Their dad can make it easier for them, so why should they worry?”

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Watch the full interview here:

This is the same project that Ieshaan Sehgaal spent time in Dubai where he was preparing for the role. Unfortunately, he later withdrew from the project.

There was also a time in Ieshaan Sehgaal’s life when everyone around him asked him to stop thinking about making a living in show business. However, it was his sheer courage and determination that helped him get through.

“Two or three years ago, there was a time when my family and very close friends stopped supporting me. They said I worked hard in this industry for eight years and I didn’t get anywhere, so I should give up. However, because I am not interested in this The industry is passionate and wants to make a name for itself, so I want to do everything possible.”

“Today, when people start to know me, I am the same person people didn’t know me three years ago. In the next few years, if I become a big star, I will still be the same person,” added Ieshaan Sehgaal road.

Meanwhile, the actor is gearing up for the release of another music video song, which he says should be released in August. However, he did not say whether the video would feature Miesha Iyer and him again.

Last updated: 15 Jul 2022 4:26pm IST

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