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IEMBE Fashion Designer’s Model is His 61-Year-Old Mom and She’s Going Viral

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As an expert in his field, Travis Terry welcomes those who want to learn.

Laverne Terry, the mother of the budding entrepreneur, is by his side as he makes his mark in the accessories world.

This 61-year-old has been creating waves by appearing in her son’s fashion company and she’s made quite the name for herself because of her fiery, courageous personality.

Today Show

The moment started when Travis, who was a student at Clark Atlanta University at the time, was packing for a Spring break vacation. He realized he didn’t have a bag to bring, but he did have a refund check from his student loans and an idea.

(Suddenly, I thought), ‘I’m starting my own business, and I’m creating bags,'” he told Morgan Radford of NBC News.

Travis worked at a local deli for a while until he saved up the funds required for his dream and his business started gaining traction once he started designing and manufacturing his own bags.

It didn’t take long before IEMBE was born. The phrase “in my bag” served as the basis for the name.

“When you say the name, IEMBE, you’re saying those letters, I-M-B. And the meaning is really just trying to motivate and let other people know to be confident in themselves, get to the bag, which means get money, and just go in and grind and focus,” he said.

Laverne, his mother, has been his closest supporter throughout it all and expressed her utmost pride in her son.

“The neighborhood we came from, the kids that he grew around, a lot of them don’t make it out,” She added, mentioning how their neighbourhood frequently experiences drug use and shootings.

He was used to using his sister as his model but on the day of a shoot when she couldn’t show up, Travis’ mother stepped in. Travis called the photo shoot which was inspired by rapper Cardi B and is taking the internet by storm.

Despite having no previous modeling experience, Laverne became an overnight sensation and was featured on a Times Square billboard.

“It’s like the best time of my life. I’m 61 now. I’ve never been as happy in my life,” She spoke.

“Age is nothing but a number,” She continued.

It’s doubly sweet for Travis, building his business and working on it with his mother since he lost his father just a few years ago.

“That was another reason why I wanted to do it, because I feel like I wanted to change the narrative of honoring your parents,” he explained.

For Travis and Laverne, there are no limitations and they are just excited to see where the journey takes them.

“It’s a pinch-me moment, but it’s kind of like, I need somebody else to pinch me, right?” Travis asked.

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