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I Shredded a 70-Mile Dirt Ride on a Brompton T-Line Folding Bike


When we crossed the finish line after just 9.5 hours, the other drivers who had finished clapped. I tried to bow, but staggered – everything hurt. Andrew admits he didn’t expect us to be successful.

“So what happens when you go downhill?” one rider asked. “Did you just send it?” Yes, I did. I sent it. I just wish there were some shots like this.

Brompton provided me with three extra tubes in case I had a flat tire. I’m worried I’ll need all three, but I didn’t pop a tire on the trip. Instead, Karin and I have been whizzing around for men to change tubes on bikes that fit the field. Knowing that not only were we two of a handful of women, but that we were crushing this ride on two of the dumbest bikes in the field made me feel powerful. Overall, Brompton is doing better than me. I found more scratches and damage than this beautiful project (I have exactly three bugs in my right eye).

I can do it too $5,000 for a Titanium Brompton?

Ironically, borrowing it makes me feel less tempted. I used to have back problems as a kid, and riding the Brompton for a week reminded me that I’m not invincible. I do have a longer torso and shorter legs than most people, so this bike may not suit my shaky proportions. Two days after our epic ride, I hopped on a plane home, which probably affected my back more than the ride itself. Also, as I mentioned, this bike is designed for commuting, not long road rides or touring. Yes, it’s shocking, I know. As it turns out, the bike works better for exactly what it was designed for.

The titanium T-Line costs twice as much as you buy a steel-framed version of basically the same bike, and in return you save 5 pounds. If you have $5,000 to spare, the Titanium Brompton is a pretty cool toy. Compared to the steel version, it definitely feels more flexible – folded for easier portability. But what I really want is a titanium Brompton designed for my disproportionately proportioned body that I can ride for over 20 miles without discomfort.how much will That cost me?

Photo: Karin Christensen

So maybe I’ve decided I don’t want to travel the world on a super light Brompton. And I have the steel version for whatever adventure I want to have, so I don’t need a T-Line. Why buy a Ferrari when Ford does the job? I rinsed the mud off the T-Line and returned it with no regrets.Instead of swapping out my own Brompton for a titanium version, I’m going to fix those two broken gears and get on my lovely red clown bike – that’s cheap (Just kidding, I paid $2,200) – on my next trip.

Two months after the North London Dirt, I signed up for the Tour de France in Paris, Texas. Organizers include a 24-mile “off-road” option, which sounds like the perfect length to ride in the July heat in Texas. So excited, I told my friends about it.

“Ask me what bike I’m riding,” I smirked.

“My God. Please don’t say Brompton.”

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