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How to Wear a Bold Lip Like a Pro


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We all adore the thought of sporting an outrageous lip color, but it can be intimidating to know if you can pull it off. Lupita is always killing it in bright berry shades, and Rihanna always rocks black lipstick on the red carpet. We don’t believe we’ve ever seen Gwen without her trademark bold red lipstick. Even so, the majority of us are wary because we’ve all worn that one lipstick that was truly awful and decided to stick to our go-to nude for the rest of our lives to be safe.

We’re here to tell you that not only is now the perfect time to wear bold lipstick, but it’s also incredibly simple to do! Following are our guidelines for rocking a bold lip like Rihanna:

Rule 1: Wear it, don’t just put it on.
Being confident is crucial! Put your lipstick to the test. We think of lipstick as our “power suit” because it gives us a strong, confident feeling, and we adore the influence it has on both our mood and how we appear.

Rule 2: Try new things!
We can’t promise that each striking color will look good on you, but you never know; some people can make anything look good (Lupita knows this!) so experiment with different hues. Consider celebrities who you believe have skin tones similar to yours, then look through their Instagram to get ideas.

Rule 3: Always use liners!
The problem with bold lipstick is that mistakes are harder to fix than they are with a nude shade. One little slip-up and you’ve gone from totally chic to a hot mess. Having said that, it’s also not difficult; all you need to do is line your lips first. A quality lip liner will not only make it easier to define and shape your lips, but it will also prevent any color from smudging or feathering.

PC–Huda Beauty

Tip 1: Clean up
Correct any mistakes by applying a small amount of foundation to a small, dense brush or queue-tip. We prefer these tiny Muji queue-tips.

Practice lip contouring.
Lip contouring is incredibly simple and can instantly transform a bold lip from chic to super sexy. Our secret to fuller, juicier looking lips is a little overlining. The secret is to move slowly and gradually overline so you can control how far you go.

Matchy-matchy is adorable


Matching your eye color to your lip color isn’t always a bad idea; if these A-list celebrities’ stylists are doing it, we’re on board. wearing an evening gown in berry? The ideal topcoat might be a vampy cherry shade. Hell yes to wearing it with a seductive matte black lipstick if you’re remembering your grunge days! Likewise, hues at the other end of the spectrum are also effective: Think of a green dress with a hot pink or bright purple lip color, or a cobalt blue jumpsuit with pillar box-red lipstick.

Fourth tip: the finger trick
There isn’t really any other way to put it in writing, we know that sounds weird as hell. Open your mouth, place your index finger (pointer finger) in the center of your lips, and slowly pull it out while closing your lips around it to prevent getting your perfectly applied lipstick on your teeth. We guarantee that no lipstick will get on your teeth, so you can smile with confidence.

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