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How to use neotenic design to renovate your home.


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Poonam Kalra, an interior designer, is here today to offer guidance on how to renovate your home to the fullest extent possible while maximizing neotenic design.

Neotenic design is an eccentric style for environments that are playful and awaken the “inner child.” Commonplace furniture takes on creative forms, and colors can explode to defy convention with outlandish, vibrant pairings. This design can give the existing in house renovations a fresh look by fusing innocence, quirkiness, and an endless youthful vitality.

Amusing accessories.

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Blobby motifs and freeform contours used in neotenic design call attention to the “neo” newness. Pick furniture items with rounded edges, flowing frames, or a careless blobby appeal to incorporate them into the décor. The furniture might appear to be a work of art in and of itself because to features like conical legs, tubular back rests, lumpy panels, and uneven tabletops. Hollow construction and rounded angles make the interior statement more reminiscent of a bygone era.

Make a bold color choice to feel liberated.

Image Source: Interior Design Bangkok

Neoteny offers color palettes the greatest degree of freedom. Bauhaus elements can be boldly colored in primary hues like red, blue, and yellow, or you can keep things simple with black and white with items like checkered carpets, doodle paintings, painted wall decorations, and more. However, you may also use these strong colors as a haphazard accent in a palette that is dominated by off-whites, blush pinks, and powder blues. Try assembling a logical image by using varied tones for the foreground and background and emphasizing the internal layers so that the eye moves smoothly along the style statement’s trail.

Add asymmetry to the designs to muddle them.

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In this aesthetic, nothing is exactly the same. Asymmetrical patterns and textures that make every piece scream that it is “not your typical furniture” hide its benign imperfections. Choose unconventional but tasteful pieces with irregular lines, partial curves, randomly interconnecting forms, and off-balanced staggered placement. By including holographic prints and mixed-medium finishes in the interior pieces that are more commonly perceived as a surprise element in an existing interior scene, you may further emphasize the irregularities.

Curl up in plush furniture.

Image Source: Homey Hommies

The whimsical neotenic style is a chic cover for comfort, and it tackles design with freeform and twisted designs that evoke childlike poses. At the conclusion of a long day, we may unwind in comfort thanks to back-hugging blob seats, knee-relaxing tube recliners, roll-able ball puffs, and more. The soft furnishings, in contrast, tend to be low-rise and gigantic in shape; they are essentially upholstered with round trims made of fine-spun textiles like velvet, suede, or a modest combed cotton. The style rediscovers the joy of design and its ultimate goal—creating a joyful home—with a softer appearance and feel.

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