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How to Survive ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’


fall guy Play now for free on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation consoles.It’s making waves in 2020 – you’ve probably seen colorful, amorphous, bean-shaped characters fall guy, dressed in bright clothes, running wild on the racetrack. Epic Games, with Fortnitepurchased the fast-paced battle royale, the free version launched this June millions of players.

Through a series of semi-random mini-games, your goal is to fall guy was the last bean standing. You may have to push your opponent to the finish line by navigating tricky obstacles, teaming up with other beans to grab a tail, or simply outliving other players on a rolling log contraption. Sixty players entered. Only one will win. Whether you’re a new player or have been in the bean scene for a while, our tips might help you improve your gameplay so you can get those sweet sweet crowns.

1. Time your jumps

It’s easy to just focus on running towards your goal, but there are other controls available that you shouldn’t discredit. First: jump. A well-timed jump can help push you into the middle of a crowd, keep you clear of a rookie behind you, or get you across the finish line milliseconds before you’re disqualified.

2. Don’t forget to grab

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Grabbing is an essential movement you need to master if you wish to climb over a wall or ramp. Timing can be tricky, but keep trying and you’ll learn in no time. You can even grab other players to hinder their progress (or take their tails in some game modes).

Bonus: “Hugging” another player is an achievement if they catch you while you catch them. Wow.

3. Know when to dive

The erratic physics of this game is very interesting. You’ll find that you can build momentum quickly, which can hinder your ability to overcome some obstacles. This is a must for diving. Diving will save your life – if there should be one action in your arsenal, this is it.

Diving is also handy when trying to avoid obstacles like swing shafts or fan blades. With the right timing, you can lean forward and just miss the element that makes you forget. Diving can also help you get off slime-covered hills faster. diving! all the time! (Unless you’re in a long, straight spot, as diving will slow you down.)

4. Falls can also help

Sometimes a well-timed fall or dive can get you closer to your goal than a run. This is especially true in racing mini-games. Falls are inevitable, but if you do it on purpose, the elements of the game board can throw you around in such a way that you end up miles ahead of where you want to be. When in doubt, try to fall.

5. Go with the flow

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Confused about where to go? Play a new board? In these cases, it’s a good idea to follow other beanmates. If everyone seems to be running in one direction, it’s safe to do what they’re doing, or at least check. Going rogue is probably not a good plan unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

6. But, slow down

in the game fall guy, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenetic rhythm of other players. This is how you end up in a loop, where you keep falling prey to the same obstacles while watching your odds of qualifying dwindle. Try to slow down. Yes, your current mini-game may actually be a race, but in the long run changing your timing or avoiding certain obstacles at your own pace will be faster than running to the death at top speed. Keep calm and don’t panic.

7. Let the player tide take you

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Inevitably, you’ll end up in the middle of a few other crazy beanies. Rather than fighting the crowd, go with the flow and find your way out after the other players disperse. If you try to escape, you risk falling and being trampled – or knocked down entirely. Remember, you don’t have to be the best in the first few rounds, you just have to be better than the worst.

8. You don’t need to spend money

when you play fall guy, you will be honored. The Season Pass is one way to earn honor, but you can also earn it by completing challenges and participating in special events. Honors can be exchanged in the store for decorations such as clothing and color schemes.

You can buy makeup with real money, but you definitely don’t need to. (Note: A currency called Show-Bucks is required to purchase selected items, available at fall guy shop. ) Decorative items like costumes and plays don’t really enhance your gaming experience; they’re just for show. Playing the game naturally can earn you a lot of in-game currency in exchange for decorative items.

9. Some tips for the in-game store

The in-game store (again, where you don’t need to spend real money) has a series of items that cycle in and out on a regular basis. Kudos items are available to every player and exist for about a week, while daily items are random and only last 24 hours. This means that if you see a Daily Item that you want to redeem, you should credit it as soon as possible, because you never know when it will come back to your store.

I recommend checking the store when you start playing to see if you have any goal of getting Kudos. (I’m probably guilty of playing for hours at a time just to get enough credit to make my dick look like a rainbow drink.)

10. How to Customize Your Beans

If you want to change the look of your dick, navigate to the Hangers tab on the main menu. Here you can choose from different patterns, outfits and plays. Get even more customization options by participating in the Season Pass or redeeming your accolades in the cart tab.

11. Take your time, failure is fun too!

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It’s simple, but the best way to get better is to play. Over time, you’ll learn how to navigate each board, how to avoid certain obstacles, and how to deal with your cursed, top-heavy beanbag body. Don’t be discouraged by the loss either. Keep playing and you’ll be a pro in no time.

12. Take advantage of the season pass

Although it used to be free, the season pass fall guy Now it costs about $8. While purchasing the Season Pass is a must to unlock all available cosmetic items, there are tons of cool items to unlock without spending a cent. Every time you play, you accumulate reputation, which is similar to experience points. Over time, as you play more and gain more prestige, you’ll automatically earn rewards like costumes, plays, and name tags.

13. Defense

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In team activities where you have to work together, the best offense is probably a good defense. If the other players on your team are playing aggressively, get close to you and try to thwart the players’ attempts to score.

14. Tips for Complex Boards

In general, try to stay away from the edges of overhanging ground so that if you fall, you don’t fall over leave. Always point the joystick in the direction you want to go; if the guy you’re down manages to get up, you want to make sure he knows where to go next. In games where you’re trying to avoid other players, open player names – this will help you understand where everyone is. During rounds with spinning discs, don’t try to fight on the floor – let it bring you closer to your goal.

There are plenty of map-specific tips online, but here are a few that might help.

  • Door punch: Don’t try to be a hooligan. Trying to smash doors and avoid crowds is risky. Instead, navigate to doors that are already open and let the crowd lead you.
  • Knight Fever: That big, wiggly, spiked log to the end?This is community dubbing tik boncus, which is a real pain. Try to stay in the middle of the path and time it so you can avoid sagging obstacles. You can also jump over small holes in the ground.
  • Uzumaki Naruto: A well-timed dive can get you past the spinning fan blades and straight into freedom.
  • See saw: Stick to the middle of the saw and try to predict the direction of the next lean. Keep the joystick tilted as you try to balance – it helps you defy gravity long enough to avoid a fall.
  • The perfect pair: Focus on the tiles around you and try not to pay too much attention to the tiles on the opposite corner of the board.

15. Look

Watching happens automatically when you are eliminated or you qualify before other players. It’s a great schadenfreude tool to gleefully giggle at your opponent’s death, but it’s also useful. Watching how other players flick over obstacles will give you the experience of future games.

16. Remember who you are

It may sound silly, but one trick that can help you become a better player is to remember which Guy is Your guy. The game is full of neon colors and obnoxious patterns, and if you don’t know which character is yours, you’re bound to go the wrong way at some point. Unique headgear or clothing can make it easier.

17. To destroy or not to destroy?

Some players like to trolling other players by grabbing them, usually near tricky obstacles or just before the finish line. If that’s your playstyle, keep an eye on the Qualified counter in the upper right corner, or someone might beat you to the end while you’re pranking you.

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