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How to Set a Maximum Limit on Your Phone’s Volume


Above this setting, you can see how many headset notifications your iPhone has received in the past six months.To learn more about your headphone listening habits, go to the Health app included with iOS and select browse, hearingand Headphone Audio Level. You will be able to see the volume, duration and time you have been listening.

To make sure this all works, Apple also recommends a step: categorize your Bluetooth devices so Apple knows what to do with them.To categorize devices, select from the settings Bluetooth, then tap the blue info button next to the headset you’re using.On the next screen, select Equipment type and pick earphone. (Headphones manufactured by Apple will be recognized automatically.)


Finding the right settings on Android can be tricky, as software menus tend to vary by phone manufacturer. We’ll walk you through choosing the right option for the version of Android that Samsung has rolled out for its Galaxy phones, but if you’re using phones from different smartphone manufacturers, the process should be broadly similar.

From Settings, select sound and vibration and volumethen click the three dots (top right) and select Media volume limitHere you can turn the feature on and adjust the slider below to set the maximum volume you want – there’s also the option to set a PIN to protect this setting (for example if you’re configuring a kid’s phone).

Volume Lock is an easy way to set restrictions on Android.

David Nield’s Volume Lock

Android being Android, you can use many third-party apps to limit the volume on your device. One of the best is the freemium volume lock: not only does it limit how loud the volume can be, it also does this based on the type of audio, for example, an alarm can be louder than the music. A one-time fee of $5.49 unlocks all options, but limits media volume for free.

Alternatively, check out the free volume limiter, Volume Lock. It enables you to set different volume limits based on the audio output you’re using (speakers or headphones), it displays a warning of excessive volume in the notification shade, and it’s simple and intuitive to use. There’s even an option to exclude specific apps from the volume limit.

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