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How Teenagers Dressed in the 80s Will Shock You!


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People in the 80s dressed wildly different than they do today. Some of their clothing choices were shocking, while others seem like they’d never work today!
The 80s were filled with decadence and ostentatiousness. It was the decade of excess, so it only makes sense that fashion reflected that mentality. If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 80s, you may have been exposed to some wild fashion choices, but if you’re not sure what they were, read on! Get your parachute pants ready and join us as we take a trip down memory lane with these shocking pictures of how teenagers dressed in the 80s! Here are some of the most interesting looks from the 1980s, and what you should know about them.

Never mix patterns

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Do not mix patterns on one outfit. Keep it consistent with a solid pattern or print, whether that’s stripes, polka dots, or whatever. Avoid mixing two different styles of clothing at once (for example, don’t wear your rock and roll pants with a cardigan sweater). Patterned tights can look great when worn under a skirt to tie things together.

Color coordination is important, so be sure that you don’t mix too many bright colors together. Black and white is always a safe choice, especially if you want to keep things more on the conservative side. When wearing different shades of one color (e.g., pink), make sure there isn’t a huge contrast between them: for example, don’t wear fuchsia and red together, because there’s almost no way to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. It also looks best when accessories match your outfit but not your shirt or pants—they should only compliment what you’re wearing without being too flashy or colorful to match with everything else you’re wearing. If it doesn’t look good with your shirt or pants, it shouldn’t be an accessory.

Always wear matching socks

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There’s a new trend that is catching on among teenagers and it will shock you. This trend revolves around wearing matching socks, every day, without fail. They say that it promotes team work and individuality as well as is just something cool to do for fun. However, there are some guidelines about when and where it’s appropriate to wear matching socks so that they don’t look tacky or silly. It can also be seen as disrespectful if you don’t take into account the situation. It’s especially true with more formal events such as weddings or funerals where you should refrain from wearing them unless instructed by the host to do so.
For example, if you’re wearing socks that have been custom made to match a suit or other clothing item, then it is appropriate to wear them with that outfit. If you’re going to wear them while running errands or hanging out with friends and family, then it’s important to keep in mind that they should look like they match one another and not clash with your outfit. It is best not to choose more than two pairs of mismatched socks as well, which means no rainbow color combinations either. Otherwise people will think you have no sense of style at all and may feel as though you’re disrespectful if you do something like that. There are certain situations where wearing matching socks is also frowned upon.

Boys were less coordinated

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Teenage boys in the 1980s looked similar to teenage boys today. They wore collegiate or preppy attire with jeans and casual shirts. They were less coordinated, though: rolled up sleeves and baggy pant legs worn with a varsity style jacket are now a staple of high school halls.

Teenage girls had more pizzazz than their male counterparts, as there was much more coordination between tops and bottoms for girls than for boys. It’s not quite one whole outfit because it was very disparate, but each piece matched the other enough that you could tell they came from her closet. This primarily consisted of head-to-toe coordinated color combos like pink shoes with blue skirts and sweaters, but also matching coats if they went outside together.

While teens are still wearing varsity-style jackets today, they’ve traded their straight leg jeans for a more comfortable fitting jean. They also have more colors available to them now thanks to technological advances and more acceptance of colorful clothes. The biggest change, though, is that teenagers are no longer stuck with head-to-toe colors that match – they can mix and match different color sets and really stand out from others. Boys haven’t adopted overalls yet, but they’re not far off.

They love accessories as much as we do

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In their hats, sunglasses, and other wardrobe pieces. The trends of the day were similar to what we have today. Long pants or shorts with matching shoes and knee socks, dresses with matching cardigans, skirts or trousers worn over a blouse. And as I found out later on in life, flip-flops were not only for swimming at the local pool but a valid footwear option.

The accessories were a hodgepodge of different looks. Hats and caps, pants with laces going up and down or on either side or both sides, sunglasses that were as large as some people’s heads are today, belts worn as waistbands (see A line skirts), button up shirts with snap buttons instead of a conventional zipper. It wasn’t until middle school where I got my first real set of jeans from Lee that had what can be called proper pockets. At least ones that closed over.

Don’t match your shoes with your outfit

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Teenagers during the 1980s had a way of mixing up their clothes. They could wear combinations that would be unimaginable to most people today, or they could dress traditionally. The fashion sense from this era is hard to pin down, but let’s look at some examples. If you saw someone wearing corduroy pants with a satin jacket and clogs, you would know that it was an example of teenagers being outlandish. If you saw someone dressed all in denim and with long hair, then you might say that person was dressing traditionally for a teenager from this time period. These are just two examples; there were countless ways for teenagers to dress during this decade and there is no clear line between different styles of dress.

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