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‘Hostage: Missing Celebrity’ Cast Update: What’s Next for Hwang Jung Min, Lee Yoo Mi, More


“Hostages: Missing Celebrities,” starring Zhengmin Huang, is one of the films to break the million-dollar mark at the box office in 2021. The action crime film opened on August 18 and drew more than 1 million viewers 12 days after its premiere.

It was reported at the time that the Korean Film Commission said that “Hostage: The Missing Celebrity” had nearly 100,000 viewers on its first day, beating out Lee Kwang-soo’s “Tiankeng.” Also, the film dominated the Korean box office for 15 consecutive days.

“Hostage: The Missing Celebrity,” written and directed by Pil Gam Seong, tells the story of South Korea’s top movie star Hwang Jung-min who is kidnapped after attending the premiere of a VIP movie.

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At the time he thought someone was playing tricks on him, but only realized it was a real kidnapping after the kidnappers demanded a huge ransom within 24 hours.

At the hands of his captors, he experiences more intense real cruelty than he has seen in the movies.

It’s been more than a year since it debuted and was a huge hit at the box office, and that’s where the cast of “Hostage: The Missing Celebrity” is now.

Huang Zhengmin

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Playing himself in “Hostages: The Missing Celebrity,” he experiences an unimaginable scene at the hands of his captors.

After the film was recognized at various ceremonies, Huang Zhengmin returned to the big screen with a number of films. His upcoming films include working with Hyun Bin to transform into a South Korean diplomat in “Key Man.”

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In addition, Hwang Jung-min will co-star in “Killing Bok Soon” with Jeon Do-yeon, and the historical film “Seoul Spring” with Jung Woo-sung and Lee Sung-min.

Interestingly, he will play detective Seo Do-chul in Veteran 2 with Jung Hae-in.

Lee Yoo Mi

Hostages: Missing Celebrities

(Photo: Lee Yoo Mi Instagram)

Before “Squid Game” and “We Are All Dead,” Lee Yoo-mi played Ban So-yeon, a store clerk who was kidnapped along with movie star Hwang Jung-min.

This year in 2022, she will star in the sequel to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Ong Seong-woo, Byun Woo-seok, veteran actresses Kim Hae-sook and Kim Jong-un, who will be returning to Kdramaland, will join her named “Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon”.

In addition, Lee Yoo Mi will star in the upcoming sports drama “Spiritual Coach Ji Gap Gil” directed by “Princess Lulu” and “When My Love Blooms” director Son Jung Hyun.

Lee Ho Jung

Hostages: Missing Celebrities

(Photo: News 1 Korea)

Another familiar face seen in “Hostage: The Missing Celebrity” is Lee Ho Jung, who plays one of Hwang Jung Min’s kidnappers, Saet Byul. She is best known for her role as Yoon Seol in the webcomic series “Nevertheless” starring Song Kang and Han So Hee.

She is currently appearing as Ki Do-hoon’s fiancee in “Cursed at the Beginning”.

In addition to the upcoming project, Lee Ho-jung will also star in the action historical drama “Robber’s Song” with Kim Nam-gil and Seo-hyun.

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