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Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack for E-Bikes review


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review – Cycling through a 400-acre nature preserve about 6 blocks from my home has become a delightful pastime for my family. I tested and reviewed the Hollywood Racks Hitch 2 Bike Rack a few months ago. While it’s great, it can’t handle the weight of my Radio Flyer e-bike, and certainly not when I end up buying another e-bike for my wife. This means I need a hitch for 2 e-bikes. Well, problem solved! ! Hollywood Racks just released the Destination E Rack for electric bikes. Let’s put it together and see how it goes! !

what is it?

The Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack for Electric Bikes is a new hitch bike rack designed to carry any size tire up to 4.5 inches wide. This new bike rack has a sleek, modern design and can carry up to two 70-pound e-bikes or standard bikes. It includes an extendable wide aluminum ramp so you can easily load and unload the bike. The Destination E Hook-Up Bike Rack can be placed flat on the car when not in use and features a “balanced tilt” feature where the pivot point is between the bikes for easy access to the luggage when the bike is loaded. It includes additional features such as adjustable, key-like locking frames and seatpost clamps, as well as their no-wobble-no-tool hitch fastening system.

what’s in the box

1 x Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack for Electric Bike with Mounting Hardware and Hitch Lock
1 x User Manual

Design and Features


  • Lock and start: Locking frame and seatpost grabbers keep your bike safe during travel.
  • include: Key-like locking hitch pins and locking frame clips
  • No swing system: Remove slack between receiver hook and rack without the use of any tools.
  • Expandable ramps for easy loading and unloading: Loading and unloading your e-bike has never been easier. The included ramp is 5.5 inches wide and expands to 46 inches long.
  • Balance Tilt: A “Balance Tilt” feature with a pivot point between the two bikes, makes it easy to tilt the rack with or without the bike for easy access to the cargo door.
  • Fold it up: Fold the rack over the car when not in use or in the parking lot.


capacity: Two bikes (up to 70 lbs each)
Hook size: 2” only (do not use the 1 ¼” – 2” hook adapter)
Maximum Bike Wheelbase: 50”
Maximum tire width: 4.5”
Bicycle Spacing: 11″
Rack Weight: 46 lbs.
Requirements for use on seatposts: minute. 1″/max 2″
For step bikes: Use the Frame Grabber around the bike seatpost to secure the bike
Must not be used for front hook
Not to be used on any trailer, fifth wheel or tractor
Approved for Class B motorhomes only (not approved for Class A or C motorhomes)
Limited lifetime warranty

The bike frame is mainly composed of metal, with some rubber parts and ABS/plastic parts.


The first thing I do is lay out the parts and assemble the hooks. It must be assembled on the vehicle, so the hook interface must be connected first. The photos below are snapshots of my assembly process:

No Wobble – No Tool Hook Fastening System. Turn clockwise to tighten and remove any slack in the hook connection.

The Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack comes with a ramp which is great since my e-bike is heavy and without a ramp it would be a nightmare to put it on a rack. The multi-function lock handle/post grabber and wheel straps keep the bike safe. There is extra security as the post grabber can be locked with a key for added anti-theft. The same key applies to hitch pin locks.

The Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack also swings down, allowing you to use the trunk or in my case the truck bed:

My truck is only about 20 feet long, the Hollywood Racks Destination E Rack adds to the length as shown in the picture below. So, when installing the rack, I definitely wouldn’t fit into the average parking space:

what do I like

  • build quality
  • Design and Appearance
  • Feature
  • Load capacity

what would i change

  • I find it hard to find any faults with this shelf

final thoughts

I really like the Hollywood Shelf Destination E Shelf. It’s just as sturdy as the last model I reviewed, but this one can easily carry two e-bikes. When driving, there is no rattling or shaking, and the ramp is a nice must-have accessory. The rack is heavy if you need to take it off the hooks, but it’s very manageable. I give it a well done and 2 thumbs up! !

price: $699.99
where to buy (this: hollywoodracks.com, you can find their shelves on Amazon
resource: A sample of this review is provided by Hollywood Rack.

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