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Hollywood News Today: Deepika Padukone’s bad experience in the US; Nora Fatehi to perform at FIFA World Cup and more


Today’s trending Hollywood newsmakers include Deepika Padukone’s unsavoury experience in the US, Nora Fatehi’s proud FIFA World Cup moment, Amber Heard’s mounting debt, and more.

From Deepika Padukone’s ordeal in America to Nora Fatehi’s performance at the FIFA World Cup to Will Smith’s (possible) return to contention for an Oscar to Christian Bale’s tearful announcement that he was close to retiring from Hollywood, here’s everything you need to know from the world of entertainment today. Here are the stories that got lots of Hollywood headlines and made it to today’s trending Hollywood news… or in other words, these are today’s most-discussed stories in Hollywood.

Without further preamble, here are this week’s big news stories coming out of Hollywood.

The bad experience Deepika Padukone had in the US

Deepika Padukone discussed how the West perceives outsiders in an interview with Business of Fashion as well as her unpleasant experience with a Hollywood actor.
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Will Smith has another chance at the Academy Award
As Emancipation is released by Apple in December, Mr. Smith will again have a contender for awards this year. Despite having no preconceived notions, most Academy Panel voters may not nominate Smith again for the film, although they will see the film without prejudice.

Christian Bale was open about his wishes to stop being a movie star and quit Hollywood.
Christian Bale revealed in a frank discussion with GQ Magazine that he spent decades pretending to be someone he’s not and still doesn’t always know what he’s doing, why he doesn’t plan to stop trying to leave Hollywood, even though it never works out for him.

Amber Heard is suffering from a debt mounting issue.
Recent reports are coming in about how Amber Heard owes a substantial amount to her lawyers from her second trial in excess of what she owes to her ex-partner, following their damages settlement agreement.

Indian actress, Nora Fatehi will be performing during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.
Thank God Nora Fatehi has been tapped to perform at both the opening and closing ceremonies of the FIFA World Cup, something very few people from India get to do.
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