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Hollywood Family Finds Iguana in Toilet for Second Time in Last Year – NBC 6 South Florida


Some Floridians might argue that these are God punishing these New York transplants here. Twice in less than a year, Janet and Bruce Blair had an iguana appear in their toilet because they may have been piped into it.

Janet and Bruce already know what to do when the iguana pops up in the bowl of their Hollywood home.

“This is Godzilla staring at me, this is Godzilla for the sequel,” Janet Blair said. “They like to play dead, we knew it from the start, so I just put the lid on and walked out.”

When Blair spotted the reptile on Tuesday, she was cleaning the house. She hurriedly called her husband who ran over.

“It was amazing,” Bruce said. “Once it can happen to anyone, but what are the odds of it happening twice?”

Last October, Bruce spotted the first iguana while going to the bathroom late at night. Both times, they called catcher Harold Rondan – better known as the “Iguana Man.”

“Twice, same toilet, same family. What happened?” Rondan said. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

Rondan said he believes the first time the iguana went through a ventilation duct, which he later installed a net on to try to cover it.

“We came up with a hypothesis,” he added. “They’re going down the drain and coming in from the bottom. It’s like you’re guessing where it’s going to end up.”

Spotting iguanas in toilets is more common than you might think, says Rondan, who got 10 calls a day a few months ago.

For now, the couple, who recently relocated from Long Island, said they’ve been putting the toilet lid on and always looking before they sit down.

Rondan, who said he is working with the South Florida Water Management District to find out what happened, believes the iguana likely entered through the main sewer after falling from a neighbor’s vent.

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