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‘Hollywood Ending,’ a Cradle-to-Jail Biography of Harvey Weinstein


Weinstein became famous for sexual assault when he was a concert promoter in Buffalo.His influence diminished as he got older – the entire film industry Auletta cautions that it’s like he’s looking for younger prey, from a group that “increasingly spends their free time on social networks like Facebook,” “instead of going to the movies.”

In 2015, the 60-something producer leaped from the office sofa of 22-year-old Miss Italy finalist Ambra Battilana Gutierrez – eating a buffet, “As Oletta puts it – she did what many women in her previous position, fearing Weinstein’s enormous power, have been reluctant to do: she called the police. A publicist tried to discredit Gutierrez, but She was greeted with angry shouts that she was “humiliated.” A fourth wave of feminism swept in, pulling the Weinsteins into a low ebb.

However, Auletta points out that the male foreman of the jury that convicted Weinstein cited the testimony and actions of male witnesses, not the female victims — “suggesting that ‘believing women’ may face a steep uphill.” He recommends “listening to “To Women”; but a key woman’s voice is heartbreakingly loud.

In the quest for Rosebud, Auletta, for lack of a better explanation, lands on the Weinstein brothers’ fiery red-haired and apparently grumpy mother Miriam (whose company is named after her, and their gentle father Mike , a deceased diamond cutter) who suffered a heart attack at age 52). A childhood friend told Oletta that Harvey called Miriam “Mamma Potternoy,” after a biting character in Philip Roth’s “The Complaint of Portnoy.”

Bob somehow avoids growing into a “beast,” as Harvey repeatedly describes here, given the possibility of Miriam’s frustration with the constraints of her life. “She could be Sheryl Sandberg or one of these CEOs of the company. She has that kind of smarts,” he told Oletta. Instead, she proudly brought the bun to her son’s headquarters with an epitaph worthy of Dorothy Parker: “I don’t like the atmosphere or the crowd here.”

With a roving “Fifth Beatles,” there’s a series of Miramax executives known as the “Third Brothers” — loyalists who help facilitate bad behavior — and a chilling kind of “delivery” Women’s Delivery System” to Weinstein’s hotel suite. If you’re not interested in NC-17 and the disgusting details that go on in those suites or the dizzying maneuvers of NDAs, maybe you prefer the more tasteful era he adores One of the suggestions of the protagonist of Shame, Elia Kazan’s autobiography “A Life” or a book Weinstein often carried during trial preparations: “The Mankiewicz Brothers” by Sydney Ladensohn Stern. Herman Mankiewicz is credited with the screenplay for Citizen Kane; his brother Joe wrote “All About Eve.”

It’s frustrating to look back at those great movies, even some of the Miramax glory days of the ’90s, as the pictures continue to get smaller, as explained by “Sunset Boulevard.” Following Weinstein’s slow ups and downs, even with a competent Auletta around, is more frustrating than riding a squeaky roller coaster on a faded municipal playground.

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